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Started by HatZen08, December 29, 2012, 02:53:58 PM

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It is written in the documentation. It is in a PDF format inside of the 7z file. It is for the USA version (English), version 1.0, with a header.

The patch doesn't work for the version 1.1. Probably, you are using the version 1.1 or a rom without the header.

I will update the rom information for the page later. It was one of my first hacks and the rom information field didn't exist at the time of the submission.




I found a glitch with your Rage and Sketch Expansion. After I applied the patch, Relm's sketch images were messed up. I tracked the issue to your

Link for sketch bug fix
C2/F5E4 4C C3 A6

once I changed this value back to the original value the glitch went away