Need Some Information (Final Fantasy 1-3 Nes)

Started by Sephirous, September 23, 2017, 07:47:25 PM

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I  have a bunch of questions regarding Final Fantasy on the Nes. In fact all three Nes Games.

Recently I have been messing with the games trying to create the Title Screen concept that is in Final Fantasy 2.
(The Translated Nice Version Custom Title Screen, Not The Original White Font Version) and put it into the First and Third Game. So they would appear prior to the prologue and by pushing start you would then see the prologue screen like in FF2.

What I am looking to get information on is where and how would I be able to get that done.
I attempted to copy and paste the code that creates the Title Screen in FF2 and it almost worked except that and I am sure this has to do with ASM. The screen I inserted appeared on top of the save slots screen and pretty much caused a mess. (By Inserting I Mean Using A Hex Editor And YY-CHR)

Now, I also expanded the Roms allowing about 256 Kilobytes of empty space to be available.
But the games prologue starts about half way down the Rom around 1000 or so. Making it impossible to find the graphics loaded at the end of the Rom that I stuck in there.

I have a feeling this is a endless journey on my end but I appreciate any information at all.  :thumbsup:


I can't help with FF2 or 3, but for FF1 there's always the disassembly:

The start of where you're interested in would be in the 'GameStart' routine in bank_0F.  Specifically, the block of code at line 114 where it determines whether or not to do the prologue story or show the title screen.