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Author Topic: SGDK - Sega Genesis Development Kit  (Read 5932 times)


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SGDK - Sega Genesis Development Kit
« on: December 17, 2012, 05:26:27 pm »
SGDK is a small development kit for the Sega Megadrive / Genesis system.
It exists since a bit of time now and becomes advanced enough to deserve a bit of promotion ^^

It's divided in 2 parts :
- GCC compiler & tools binaries (only for Windows platform currently, sorry for osx and linux users).
- Development library sources which provide facilities to develop on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis System.

I tried to keep only the strict minimum GCC binaries so the whole archive maintains a reasonable size (< 10 MB).

Download it here :

You can find some tutorials about how use it in the Wiki section of project's page.
Free feel to post issues or requests, also if you want to contribute in some way you can contact me on the project page :)

Don't hesitate to post bugs or feature request in the issues tracker :

Version 0.93b changes log:

* Fixed a stupid bug in deprecated memory functions.
* Added Bitmap structure for easier bitmap manipulation (created from .bmp resources).
* Modified Plan A & Plan B location in VRAM.
* Added methods to modify Plan A, Plan B, Window, Sprites list and H Scroll table in VRAM.
Note that doing that you may have troubles with SGDK methods which use hardwired locations.
* VDP_setSpritesDirect(..) method so you can now send a SpriteDef array buffer directly to the VDP.
* Handle a new resource type : WAVPCM (.wavpcm)
The file is transformed to adpcm data and can be played directly through the 2 channels ADPCM driver.
Note that WAV sample rate should be at least equals to 22050 Hz.
* Fixed a bug in bintos tool.
* New wavtoraw tool, source is provided.
* Added tools sources.

Version 0.93 changes log:

* Simplified memory set/copy methods :
- 'Fastxxx' methods are now deprecated as basic generic methods are now optimized.
- 'memcpy' is now the only memory copy method.
* Added Z80 VGM driver (thanks to Sigflup which originally wrote it and to kubilus1 which improved it).
* Added SRAM support (thanks to Chilly Willy)
* Added preliminary support for ROM > 4MB (you can at least compile them now).
* Improved support for waitTick(..) and waitSubTick(..) calls during VBlank (still inaccurate).
* Added methods to get/set scrolling mode :
- VDP_getHorizontalScrollingMode()
- VDP_getVerticalScrollingMode()
- VDP_setScrollingMode(u16 hscroll, u16 vscroll)
- VDP_setHorizontalScroll(u16 plan, u16 value)
- VDP_setHorizontalScrollTile(u16 plan, u16 tile, u16* values, u16 len)
- VDP_setHorizontalScrollLine(u16 plan, u16 line, u16* values, u16 len)
- VDP_setVerticalScroll(u16 plan, u16 value)
- VDP_setVerticalScrollTile(u16 plan, u16 tile, u16* values, u16 len)
* Added methods to set/fill tile by index :
- VDP_clearTileMapRectByIndex(u16 plan, u16 ind, u16 num, u8 use_dma)
- VDP_fillTileMapRectIncByIndex(u16 plan, u16 basetile, u16 ind, u16 num)
- VDP_fillTileMapRectByIndex(u16 plan, u16 tile, u16 ind, u16 num)
- VDP_setTileMapByIndex(u16 plan, u16 tile, u16 ind)
- VDP_setTileMapRectByIndex(u16 plan, const u16 *data, u16 ind, u16 num, u8 use_dma)
- VDP_setTileMapRectExByIndex(u16 plan, const u16 *data, u16 baseindex, u16 baseflags, u16 ind, u16 num)
* Improved boot code so it should now init correctly on real hardware.
* Fixed Z80 driver uploading which may fails on real hardware in some condition.
* Modified 'sound' sample to add VGM play example.
* Minors fixes, improvements and cleanup.
* Some refactoring.