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Pokemon Yellow NES Translation Project

Started by Lugia2009, December 09, 2012, 09:00:08 PM

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You can make repros if you can find the original copies which are very very very rare outside of China. This game uses mapper 163. So you need to find a game made by Shenzhen Nanjing, all their games use this mapper.


I see , so let's say you finish the translation and wanted to put it on a NES cart. You wouldn't be able too? That's a bummer.
I feel asleep


I could, I was lucky enough to get ahold of a nanjing game I can use as a donor.


Hey everyone, I've seen this topic and decided to join in. I'm loving the new improvement of Pokemon Yellow for the NES, I've wanted to mention that I've started uploading some of the remixed tracks on my YouTube channel. 8) I even discovered another YouTube user named Koh1dfs who has been uploading some videos of Pokemon Yellow for the NES aswell, but just the Chinese version. By watching a few of his videos, I managed to discover how to get some of the other legendary Pokemon.  :)

Here's a list of the Legendary Pokemon locations, a few of them are still in their same locations like in R/B/Y versions.

*Articuno - Seafoam Islands Lvl 50
*Zapdos - Power Plant Lvl 50
*Moltres - Pokemon Mansion (Cinnabar Island) Lvl 50 (RE)
*Mewtwo - Cerulean Cave Lvl 70
*Mew - Celadon City Lvl 80 (Here's the video of getting Mew, you'll need to collect all 150 Pokemon including the G/S/C legendaries:
*Raikou - Secret Island/Navel Rock Lvl 50 (RE)
*Entei - Victory Road Lvl 50 (RE)
*Suicune - Route 21 Lvl 50 (RE)
*Lugia - Route 1 (Few multiples can be found at Lvl 10) and Secret Island/Navel Rock Lvl 70
*Ho-Oh - Secret Island/Navel Rock Lvl 70 (Another video of getting to Ho-Oh:

RE obviously means random encounter, I put that there so most of you are aware that you'll only get to encounter these Pokemon once so be prepared, it's your only chance in the game.

I still haven't found out where Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza are, I've tried searching around most areas around Kanto but no luck yet. And if you were also wondering how to get to Navel Rock/Secret Island (where Ho-Oh is), you'd have to beat the Elite Four again after defeating/catching Mewtwo (I was wondering what Lorelei was saying when I came out of Cerulean Cave).

You're battling the E4 again (each person now has 6 Pokemon each) and instead of Gary, Jessie and James of TR are now the new champions (they still have Meowth, Arbok and Weezing, and in addition the final evolutions of the starters). After defeating the E4, go to the building in Celadon City (the door on the right where you get Fly) and battle the trainer in the center of the room (he looks like Brendan). After you defeat him, he'll let you go to Navel Rock, also his team consists of the legendary dogs and R/S/E legendaries.

And apparently Koh1dfs said that you can also catch Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Lapras, Omanyte, Kabuto and Aerodactyl at Navel Rock. :thumbsup:


Wow :o, I knew Nanjing put some real effort into this game, but I didn't think they went as far as to have post game events other than Mewtwo.  Thanks for posting this, it'll help with my translation. :)

For the legendaries, I like how you can encounter them in random battles in certain areas, but it would be cool to have special trainer fights that reward you with some of them.

I've been coming up with a few ideas for extra trainer battles that would reward you with legendaries, MissingNo. (whose name is ---------- in the game), fossil Pokemon, plus a few others. They would appear as both pre and post game events.  I wanna make sure it's possible to get all 156 Pokemon in the game.

Here's two extra trainers I've made so far:

(Couldn't resist making an appearance in this game too! :))

(Prof. Oak's sprite is just copy, pasted, and recolored from the intro screen.)

I didn't implement them into the game yet beyond the graphics and names being inserted.

Plus there's some other trainer sprites that can be used to create even more trainers! (Yay extra content! ;D)

QuoteI've wanted to mention that I've started uploading some of the remixed tracks on my YouTube channel. 8)

I'm glad you like the new tracks :), I think they're sooo much easier on the ears than the original ones.


No probs Lugia2009 :) oh and about the trainer sprites, when I was in the fighting dojo, I do remember fighting some Blackbelt trainers under the name "Prof. Oak" :o but since you created a trainer for him, I glad that's sorted out of the way.


I can't wait until this is finished, I kinda wish I could hack it "back" with the GameBoy Pokemon games.  Then again, I reckon it'd be easier to make an all new game than it would be to extensively hack one game, just because it has a similar engine that's mostly implemented...


Sorry for not updating more often (been juggling a few projects at once). 

But I uploaded a new patch on the front page.  As for the progress, the main story is about 35% finished. It's getting there, slowly but surely :)


Oops, if only I remember to put the link in my post containing the remix tracks :laugh:

Anyway here's the playlist if anyone wants to listen to them, I'm not done uploading all the tracks if you're wondering but I'll get there soon :thumbsup:




All thanks to a YouTube user by the name of HammerBro094, they told me how to get Mew in the game, first things first, catch all the Pokemon (including the G/S/C legendaries) to get Mew, the R/S/E legendaries don't need to be capture in order to get him but I've got a good feeling that you can probably get them after getting Mew.

I'm still trying to find out how they can be obtained in the game, it may take quite some time though, at least until I (or one of us) finds out how to get Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza legitimately, it probably is possible to catch all 159 Pokemon in the game anyway.

I do remember playing the game for the first time (before it started getting translated), I was a bit shocked if you couldn't catch everyone but at least Nanjing added the exclusives from Red/Blue that you couldn't originally catch in Yellow.


Quote from: Lugia2009 on July 22, 2014, 11:42:25 PM
I could, I was lucky enough to get ahold of a nanjing game I can use as a donor.

Are you certain about that? I doubt the cart for this game would even use mask roms to begin with. More likely it's a glop top covered in epoxy...and even if it does use mask roms, there's no telling what the wiring is to be able to use eproms with it. Then you got the issue of the sheer size of the Pokemon Yellow bootleg requiring pretty large 8-bit EPROMs and probably again not conforming to standards.

I'm not trying to be a nay-sayer, but I just dont think it's possible If you think it is, please post some photos of the pcb. I would love to make a repro of this one myself if at all possible. I just doubt it.


Lugia2009, your job is great! But i suggest this:


(it's just mock-up, but it's much better, huh?)
tiles by Ryumaru


Quote from: klu69 on August 22, 2014, 04:58:24 AM
Lugia2009, your job is great! But i suggest this:


(it's just mock-up, but it's much better, huh?)
tiles by PokeGlitch
That looks very cool! I like it :thumbsup: Sorry if I sound like Lugia2009 but I'm not trying to take over this project hahaha

Oh and I was just wondering, is it possible to add wild Raichu to the game? I kinda don't wanna evolve Pikachu since that's what Yellow on the GameBoy was all about, and it sorta ruins the game if the mascot were to evolve.

And for some reason the link to the recent patch won't work for me :huh:


Thanks!) I wish Lugia2009 add this) But I don't draw this, PokeGlitch is author. But I colorized It.
(Sorry for my bad English)


I'm not sure how it all works but isn't all that WELL over the NES's color limitation?
'We have to find some way to incorporate the general civilians in the plot.'

'We'll kill off children in the Juuban district with an infection where they cough up blood and are found hanging themselves from cherry blossom trees.'


I think these colors are minimally affected.


Ok so there are a few minor errors I've noticed while playing the game again and if there's time, they may require fixing. First things first, the backsprites for Kadabra and Alakazam are swapped around, I'm not sure if its a bug or Nanjing did it like that by mistake but is there a possibility to fix this error?

Plus I'd like to note Electabuzz's name is mispelt as "Electabuz", fix that if you can thanks.

Turns out Magical Leaf (TM19) is actually Giga Drain, 5 PP and the move acts the same as Giga Drain would.

And lastly Giovanni's name is mispelt as "Gilvanni".

I'm not sure if you knew about these minor errors but I thought I'd just post them just incase for any future patches.




I think you need to change the tiles of Pokecenter and Pokemart, roof of pokecenter is blue, roof of pokemart is red. And floor of pokecenter very annoying.