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NES assemblers and disassemblers

Started by Pikachumanson, November 18, 2012, 03:40:26 PM

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I have a Windows 7 computer I like using DisAsm to disassemble NES games. Unfortunately the mappers it supports are limited and therefore not feasible for my project. Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha. So I was thinking about switching to IDA to disassemble and create an ASM file for my project and I have download NESASM to edit that file. Is this a good combination? If not I am interested in learning which programs you guys/ladies like to use concerning assembly/disassembly.


Any 6502 disassembler could do the trick, however I have a nice little program called NESDisassembler, which automatically detects banks in NES ROMs and allows you to disassemble your specified bank without touching the others. It also automatically detects rts opcodes and insert some blank space as an attempt to separate subroutines from eachother.
I don't remember where I got it but google is your friend.


Thanks, I'll try it out! Anyone else free to suggest away! I'm all ears, especially for an 6502 assembler that is windows 7 based. Though I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist right now... :-[


What do you mean "Windows 7 based"? Virtually any modern 6502 assembler will run on Windows 7... unless you mean you're looking for a GUI tool, in which case, dude, learn the command line. Every programmer should become intimately familiar with basic command line tools. They may not seem user-friendly, but the command line is far more powerful than GUIs for certain tasks. GUIs are far more powerful than the command line for other tasks. Use the right tool for the job.


I already know about cmd. I asked this question about assemblers before I knew what they really were. I was thinking it was some kind of ide where i could work on the code from inside the program, that's why i wanted it gui based. But now i understand it's more like a compiler and all i have to do is just work on the disassembled code in notepad  before reassembling.