How to find/edit compressed font in Monster World 4 2012?

Started by VicVergil, November 12, 2012, 11:27:12 PM

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All there in the title.
As you know, Sega released their official  translation of MW4 in 2012. But only in English... I aim to translate it to my language to correct this injustice..

You can extract the ROM yourself from the wad file in your Wii if you purchased the VC version (there is a tool somewhere, u8 something), and surprise! It's a regular elf-contained MD rom, working on Kega Fusion. What makes it more interesting than the regular 1994 version is that all the text lies uncompressed at the end of the ROM, making it much more convenient to translate (I experimented already with dummy english text..)...

Problem: I need to edit the font, and I haven't found it. This is essential, since we need more accents in my language.

I used TileEd with megadrive mode and all what I have found are title screen graphics and those for the options for "PRESS START NEW GAME".. and "1994 SEGA WESTONE ORIGINAL". Oh, and some boss graphics. Nothing else.

So It's probably... compressed. And I'm a newbie, so I don't know anything abouthow to find and edit compressed tiles: Only uncompressed ones, which is not leading me anywhere. Any help would be welcome. :) :)

PS: I originally tried with A Link to the Past for the GBA, which has the remake part compressed... I know there is hyrule magic for snes version, but i wanted to familiarize myself with compressed games... and miserably failed. I figured out this was too big of a task for me to handle, so I tried with this.
Up to this point I only worked with uncompressed games, and I know this is leading me nowhere..