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Author Topic: Utilities: Has the ROM hacking community finally found a patching format to call their own?  (Read 41652 times)


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I guess I now found out what the answer to the question "What comes after the Omniverse" is. The Multi-Omniverse.
*ur momniverse
we are in a horrible and deadly danger

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Ooh, I see what you did there.

Now, we should stop derailing this thread and let everyone bicker again.
Who will quote me next?
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Verifying data is default, in part to ensure everything is in order, and in part because often times games themselves might permit a patch to work but there's usually something else (such as internal checksums) that might confuse less informed people into thinking the thing is invalid.  Case and point, the number of people who will patch a game then worry that Good@Console@ said it was invalid. 

Incidentally, even in linear mode BPS can beat out IPS.  Not just because of a selection method or anything, but because it can use less than five bytes to declare a modification and longer runs don't require segmentation.

One little thing.  UPS wasn't just a somewhat goofy format (no offense), it also borrowed the name of a much older UPS format made during the PS1/Sat/N64 era.  It's basically an extension of IPS, but it's built into certain upload tools and some patches were never converted into another format.


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I just wanted to say, if you get an error when compiling on Linux about missing symbols in, simply add that to line 5 in the Makefile like:

resource := /lib64/

such as fedora has it, or wherever it's found on your system. That will fix the compile.

Anyway, I hope it catches on, although the gui tool I think needs more clarity when creating a patch so that it marks what files you select and when.


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I prefer IPS because it have ips-exe version.  That's so boring to explain someone wtf  is .delta, or .bps  or even .ips, because many people so damn noobs.  :angel:


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Well if they wanna play the game they will find out. Otherwise... You can't fix stupid.