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How to use UniTSA?

Started by Zynk, August 20, 2012, 01:37:00 AM

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Just downloaded UniTSA and read the docs, I tried in a go and its basically simple to use, the Bolderdash and Castlevania examples provided helped alot...

anyways, I just wanted to ask: How do I locate the TSADataLocation?

For example, excerpt from Example2.ini

LevelName=Castlevania Level 1

where the heck is 1031A and how is it related to 6018? I can't tell even if I open a hexeditor...

I'm literally doing  :banghead: already today


Do you think it could be the pointer?
Or many an assembly line that references that particular line?


You clearly didn't read the docs very well...

From the readme:

QuoteQ.  What is TSA?

A.  See the document that I have included with UniTSA. It wasn't written by me, but I
    believe it perfectly explains TSA, and what you can do with it. Thanks to Setzer
    for writing this document and for allowing me to include it btw ;)

From that document:

Quoteyou are going to open up a hex editor, like for example, Hexposure, and do a search for that hex string [6f707172] and once you find it [it will be at $f615], you found the TSA data

Read the rest of that doc, it says how to figure out the string to search for.
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