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Author Topic: Question on pointers, because I'm not understanding what is going on.  (Read 1519 times)


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OK, here goes. I believe I have found the pointer to this block of text in the game that I am working on. It is a TG 16 rom called Jaseiken Necromancer.
 The beginning of this text block is offset 00029C00  so I knock the first four digits and do the subtraction thing and get Pointer 009A which is located in offset 0002D290.

The text I want to change are the hiragana characters ta and te which mean shield. Because I am just working on the menus for and still trying to find the intro text(damn dte) I want to at least make it a three letter abbreviation like SHD. How ever in that little text string there is a 10 which I have named SPACE because that's what the game uses to signify a space between words in the menu. This little text string shows up in two place in the menu, in the equipment menu and the status menu. Now when I try to place a letter in place of that 10 byte, SHD will show up in the status menu but equipment menu will only show HD and make it like the S isn't even there.

Has anyone ran into a problem like this? If so what was your solution? How do change a pointer to increase the text in a string? Does it involve moving memory banks or something?

P.S. I believe this game has scattered pointers as I have not been able to locate the pointer table but I have found other pointers in different places in the rom.