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Regarding Pip Glitches in Chrono Cross

Started by Bonesy, October 13, 2012, 05:35:47 PM

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I'm not particularly interested in fixing the glitches I've heard about regarding the character Pip in Chrono Cross, rather I'm interested in what the extent of the glitches are and what they are in the hopes that if I'm ever better-equipped to fix them I can.

All I know is there are some glitches in regard to growths on his element grid, and I think I heard once that it was because some of the information regarding him is stored in RAM rather than on a save.


Pip changes form based on the number of 'good' or 'evil' spells you have him cast. The good/evil distinction is based on the spells elements, though I don't remember off hand which elements are good and which are evil.

The number of spells cast by Pip is not written out to the save file. As far as I know, his current form IS saved.