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Pokemon - Rocket Science
« on: October 03, 2013, 05:46:37 pm »

Pokemon - Rocket Science is a hack that runs in psudo parallel with Pokemon - Fire Red. About mid way through Fire Red the hero (RED) defeats Giovanni (the Boss of the villainous Team Rocket) while he is trying to take over the SILPH CO. (A company that makes various items for the PokeVerse). There were many "spy" scientists that worked for SILPH CO. that were actually Team Rocket operatives. The main character (YOU) in Pokemon - Rocket Science was one of these operatives. After YOU are defeated in the SILPH HQ, Giovanni orders all the "spy" operatives that were fired from SILPH CO. to a secret meeting in his gym (in Viridian City). That is where this game begins.

     You will expierience most of the events that RED does/did only you will be working for Team Rocket as you do. You are trailing behind RED and get to see the damage he causes Team Rocket.

     This Game contains only the original 151 Pokemon, they are all attainable. There are many events in this game that are not in Fire Red. enjoy the new adventure.

     To play this game you must go here:

     This game was created for the Vizzed Pokemon Hacking Competition, and as such, cannot be available for download anywhere else. I wanted to let you all know of the game and hope you will play it and give it a good rating (contest winner is based on game rating and how many plays it gets) I currently have a rating of 9 (our of 10)... so if you like the game, go rate it, if you done like it... dont rate it ;)
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