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Tecmo Action Bowl 2013

Started by Justice Colde, October 04, 2012, 02:56:42 AM

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Justice Colde

Before I start writing this, I deeply apologize to anyone who played My crappy 1st hack (Boss Rush Castlevania) I tried to do too much before I know how to do it.


I introduce to You all, My newest hack.

Tecmo Action Bowl 2013

I got the idea to make this after getting a little tired of all the NFL, NCAA & Legends TSB hacks and seeing a quite small amount of original hacks

This has been in the planning stages for over a year (I learned a lot of things from My 1st hack) and I have recently started the working process, Here's what this hack will have.

- Completely original rosters
- 6 minute clock
- New text
- Old NFL playoff format

I'm planning on having this hack done by summer next year

Team editing progress will be updated in this spoiler

Boston Centurions: Complete
Detroit Riders: OF Finished (DF & ST in prgress)
E.X. City Big Hawx: Complete
Miami Tigers: OF Finished (DF in progress)
Washington Federals: Working on OF
New York Shamrocks: ST Finished
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