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Program fix

Started by Romsstar, August 20, 2012, 06:12:46 AM

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We translated nearly all menues, but the tool we have from our programmer is not handling the story files correctly.

There seems to be a recalculation problem when recreating the KCAP File format.
Seems to be a custom format used for the game. It is kinda wild.
Because I changed only one line for testing purposes but the file loses about 2 KB in size.
The header is rewritten wrong, one line is duplicated for some strange reason and some stuff is deleted.

Really need someone to fix this as I don't have the skills.

The program is written in VB.NET, Source Code available here:

The procedure in the program that SEEMS to be responsible for the error is MakeBTX.
The Encoding Process in that procedure happens in ASCII, when I changed it to UTF8 for testing purposes I got past the loading screen but it hanged intown.
in ASCII it doesn't even get there but already hangs on the "Now Loading" Screen ingame.

Over all it looks strange although it shouldn't.
the RAW File of a story related file and the Translation attempt of ours.

If anyone wants to take a look that would be much appreciated.