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Dragon Quest 4 DS - classic version

Started by Kosayn, August 11, 2012, 07:15:20 AM

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Okay, this weekend... it took a little more work than I thought finishing Panon and Stancia, but it was a good time.  Balancing the despair outside the castle with the joke-telling inside was interesting.  I tried to leave some of my favorite terrible jokes in, while including some that should actually be funny.  I really love the merchant's non-joke above.

Then I did a little polish on the early part of Chapter 2, as well as Chapter 5 in occupied Santeem Castle.  Burland was pretty much done already, so just a few line break fixes, and now I can focus on Gardenbur.



Here's a few from Gardenbur & Rosaville.  I've also finished some polishing on Chapter 2, since my process has changed a lot since I last worked on it.

Now things are starting to move along faster, since it's more dungeons and less towns.  Royal Crypt, Colossus, Dire Palace, and the Aktemto revisit have been very brisk to get through on basic text insertion, and should take very little effort to get right.

Still looking good for a patch sometime this summer!

John Enigma

A question:

Does this project aims to delocalize and retranslate the game to its original Japanese version, or just item names?

Btw, cool font. The font resembles the classic ( :P, obviously) versions of Dragon Quest, which were known as Dragon Warrior in the past.


Yup, it is not a retranslation - I'm not interacting with the original Japanese script.

And it's everything, items, dialogue, monsters, etc.  It is about 80% a straight re-insertion of the English NES translation, and 20% rewrites where I think it can be improved.  Also, I'm writing new dialogue for the extra NPCs which were not in the NES game.  The goal is to keep it faithful to that script's basic, accessible style of writing, but also to have fun.

The project has changed along the way - originally I had to write a lot more extra dialogue, but with new text formatting techniques, I've been able to get a lot closer to the original script.

I'm thankful to Aeana for cluing me in about changing the font, and many in this community for their support and encouragement.

John Enigma

^ Nice.

Do you also show any interest in doing the same thing you're doing with this one, but for:

  • Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
  • Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation


Not in the short term.  They are good games, but DQ4 has been a big project already.  I may eventually do the spell/item names just for fun.

DQ5 is also a Plus Alpha Translations joint, but I think they showed a lot more restraint with it.  The little I have played of that version was enjoyable.  There's also a more conventional translation of the Playstation 1 version of DQ5.

John Enigma

...also, not to be a bother but, don't you think this project of yours belongs in the Personal Projects forum?


Yeah, I'm fine with it being in either board.  It's probably here because initially it wasn't meant to be a longer project.

John Enigma

You know, I'm looking at the new NES-like font that you implemented, and I think that it looks a bit bigger. It doesn't have that correct size like in Dragon Warrior IV for NES.

I don't know. Maybe is just me.

What do you think?


Moved to Personal Projects as that was where it belonged.
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Here's a boatload of screenshots from Dire Palace and Aktemto.

There's a few themes going on in the NES text from Dire Palace.  There's banality of evil; most of the monsters want to talk about punctuality and teamwork, like they were office workers.  There's some dark humor about the human captives.  There's also clues about what happened to the King of Santeem, and the DS version's plot brewing against Saro.   I've written some of the DS version's script improvisations out before, but obviously the Saro plot is too big to tamper with.

Thanks for moving the thread!  Regarding the font style, you can see the evolution of my choices about it on page 1 & 2 of the thread.  People really didn't like the pixel perfect NES version, and I think it fit the dialogue box poorly.


Thank you for your efforts, good sir!
I remember buying this years ago and being turned off by the translation. I got as far as chapter 2 I think, but just couldn't stand those Bob-awful "regional dialects" so I decided to sell it and just wait for DQ9, since I had my trusty Dingoo A320 and could play the NES original in the meantime.


To pass the time while I grind away on the next few dungeons...

What's everyone's favorite party members in this game?

Also, what do you like to do with all the Strength Seeds, etc?


Torneko best party member.

Also with those types of items I tend to give them to whoever has the lowest of that stat to boost them up in an attempt to balance the team out a bit.


Taloon is my homeboy! I love his random battle actions in chapter 5. I've got kind of a soft spot for Alena too.

As for seeds and such, I generally save them all for the hero. I like to play Zapp Brannigan style, where the leader gets all the good stuff, and I humiliate and demean my other characters as much as the game allows.


Yeah, Taloon/Torneko is great.  I've been putting him in a lot to make sure all his special combat messages are formatted correctly.  Also, I read some interesting stuff a while ago about deliberately keeping your Taloon low level in order to boost his chances to steal chests.

I've been tossing all my seeds to Nara to beef her up, since it's fun sometimes to put her in the first slot and have CH.4 battle and world map music.


oh my god i just found this. this is seriously amazing!!!! i can't stand the accent system. its god awful. seriously amazing. by the way how close are you to distributing this?

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oh my god i just found this. this is seriously amazing!!!! i can't stand the accent system. its god awful. seriously amazing. by the way how close are you to distributing this?

butane bob

Also keen to play this. They butchered these games on DS with those retarded accents.


We'll see.  I really was hoping to release it sometime in July - at least to beta testers - but I've still got a bit of main plotline work left to go, as well as the immigrant town, and a fair amount of mundane item description / bookshelf / mirror / etc to get through after that.  I do have some spare time coming up soon in early July, which I intend to devote to this.

I've been working on Gottside and Elfville/Yggdrasil.  Gottside, you're supposed to recognize that their speech is archaic and over-dramatic - that's kind of the one joke it has going, and of course the remake oversells it.  But the town is responsible for a lot - it transitions you out of the CH.5 open world into the endgame, and lets you know what Saro's been doing offscreen, especially if you don't go back to Izmit.  It's important, so I'm giving it a bit of extra effort.

Thanks for your appreciation.  I'm excited to get the project done, too.  When it's close enough for a beta to really help me, I'll do it through the forum here.


Yay. You are doing Numen's work here. i can't stand the accents. it's practically unreadable