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Dragon Quest 4 DS - classic version

Started by Kosayn, August 11, 2012, 07:15:20 AM

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Hey Kosayn, how's your project going? Were you able to come up with a little humor for chapter 6 after all?


Kind of quiet in this thread, guess I'm probably not the only one busy with real like stuff lately. I ended up taking a break from playing, but I have been chipping away at chapter 3 lately (didn't notice any problems with chapter 2, btw), and I found a few things to look into:

1) I didn't actually catch this one at first because it used to be seven in the original game, but for DS he's supposed to say six for both.
2) Self-explanatory I guess? Got this downstairs in Endor while I was checking to see if the guard's text showed six or seven for the turn-in. He does say six, but he also threw in an extra Y.
3) This was when I was buying six half-plates to turn in. It only seems to happen with this seller, and only when I buy more things in a bulk purchase than I have room for in my main inventory.

Almost ready for chapter 4.  :beer:


Appreciate it!  I've squashed those.  Hope you're enjoying the game.

Capital Ys and Zs come from my dialogue space-saving mechanism on the odd occasion that I mistype  %A090%X%Y%Z rather than just copy-pasting it.

The number of items in the King's order is definitely something I might have never picked up on without help, with that text coming over from the NES game.

I don't have a ton of progress in recent months -  but I'm sure I'll dive into it again before July.  Gottside is mostly finished, but I'd rather wait on showing off that and the Chicken or Egg dungeon till I'm happier with it.


Always good to hear about progress, even if things have slowed down. I'll be sure to continue keeping an eye out for bugs.  :beer:

Incidentally, I've slowed down in my playing. I ended up getting a new job not long after my last post, and my free time during the week shrank a lot more than I expected. I'm starting to get used to using my time more efficiently though, so I'll figure out where to fit this in. I really want to see the post-chapter 4 content, so I can experience getting to control my entire party instead of just the hero.


The link seems to be dead, is there anyway to still play this. I would really appreciate it as the accents in IV ruin the game for me.


Like Soundofpink, I was excited to play this and then disappointed I couldn't find the patch. However, I was able to track it down via wayback machine:

Archived site:

The patch itself:

Looks like there was also an alternate version of the patch (dq4-v0.92oldspells.rar) which was unfortunately not captured by the wayback machine.

I should note that I haven't tested the patch download except to open the rar and read the txt file within.


All links to this patch are dead....

Where can it be found?


DarthVapor, the patch link in my previous comment (just above yours) still works for me.

And since I'm already typing a comment, I can verify that the patch at that link did work for me. I gave up on the playthrough shortly before the last boss because I needed a break from JRPGs, but despite the typo here and there the patch worked as advertised and I definitely enjoyed the experience.


Just finished a playthrough of this amazing game, and I found a few text errors. I thought you may want to know about them :)

There was one other right at chapter 1 I didn't take a picture of.
It involved Ragnar using the wing of the wyvern and the destination list had "DIST WEST" in place of Burland.