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Dragon Quest 4 DS - classic version

Started by Kosayn, August 11, 2012, 07:15:20 AM

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Okay, I can show off a good chunk more of Zenithia.  Right now I'm focused on grinding through Nadiria both on the NES and DS games, so I can start work on the last boss, ending, etc. 

Halfway through September, and I think I'm still on track for a beta at the end.  I plan to have the full story ready to go so people can enjoy it, though I'm sure I'll still be tinkering and fixing well into the fall.


looking forward to this i can't stand the shitty accents they put into the ds version



I'm through the Chapter 5 ending now.  Very close to a first release.  Just a bit more peripheral stuff to finish up during the week, then...


Thirteen 1355

Helicoptering about till I find some ROM hacking treasure.


so kosayn are you also playing dq7 on 3ds now or are you waiting to play that till your done with this? when i'm done with 7 i am going to jump right into this :D


I'm more likely to relax with DQ builders once I have the beta released. All told it's a great time to be a fan of the series right now...

I'm finishing remaining item appraisals as fast as possible. I want to have that done; ch6 dialogue won't be done in this release, or immigrant town.

Also I'm going to warn people that play this version, sometimes savestates do not function well between different patch versions, in my experience.  Saverams do, though, so remember to use the game's own save system occasionally.


Quote from: Kosayn on October 12, 2016, 08:40:55 AM
Also I'm going to warn people that play this version, sometimes savestates do not function well between different patch versions, in my experience.  saverams do, though, so remember to use the game's own save system.

If you're using Tinke, or NDSTool or something similar rebuilding the whole ROM (a given, considering your hack has text files with different length than the original), then you will break save state compatibility. None of the ROM data will be at the place pointed to by the save state  from the old patch, and hence it will almost unfailingly crash moments later whenever the games tries loading something new from the cartridge (even the music).

The savestates which don't break between patch revisions would be the ones done with a hex editor (just replacing data without shifting it around, thus keeping the file tree pointers intact). Like Crystaltile2 if you don't recompress the main ARM9 executable or replace files with external ones.


im going to be busy with this, dq7, and dq8. also i heard the people making dragon quest monsters 1&2 psx are nearly done too


Here it is - v0.92.  Ready for beta testers.

1. You need XDELTA to apply the patch to the US RELEASE of Dragon Quest 4 for Nintendo DS. I recommend XDELTAUI.
2. You need WinRAR or some compatible archiver to extract the file.  Freely available online.  Worth supporting.
( )

Buy any game in this great series this fall! Show the mighty Enix some love.

I know the file hosting site is basic - the first button  that says 'Download' has classic Dragon Warrior style spell names.  This is the intended main version of the patch.  The second button that says 'Old Spells' has the ordinary PS2 / DS style modern spell names.  Either of these can be applied to original rom.

Link below:


I can't believe I've reached this milestone, the relief of finally having the project out on the internet rather than just on my own system - it's something.  All acknowledgements will be made in patch notes. 

Your feedback can be sent to, or posted on this thread, or pm'ed to me.

My goal initially is to find GAME BREAKING BUGS, and text that's missing or garbled.
I know there's still a lot of content for me to get to.  Also, I know the writing will not necessarily be appealing to everyone.

All feedback is appreciated.


This project, and the final version of the patch, is in no way contingent on funding - it is merely an optional way to say thank you by helping keep the roof over my head. 

I will be finishing through Chapter 6 and the optional content in future months.


I am using your patch now and I'm impressed and what you've done. I just reloaded my completed save as the female heroine and played it for a sec and see the old font as well as the original spell names. The old names are kinda funny really since the only games from that era I played was the I & II games on the GBC and the spells had the exact same names. I might do a second playthrough as the male main character if time permits.


i've only just started it is good. i'm barely at burland right now though lol


Link back up, site slightly less terrible, and lining up some alternate free hosting options in case it goes down again.


This whole thread makes me wish my ratty old laptop could run a DS emulator so very much...


Yeah, DesMuMe can require a bit more power than the earlier system emulators.  I know DesMuMe 32 bit version gave me some slowdown / map display issues, but it's been smooth sailing on the 64 bit version of the emulator.  A little slowdown in Riverton, but I think even the proper hardware does that.

I do think it's best on a real DS, but 90% of my testing so far was done in emulator.


I'm holding out playing through the game until everything's completely done to avoid having to restart if the save files aren't compatible. Is there any update on Chapter 6?


OK - I've been mostly touching up appraisals and item description text since releasing the patch. 

I don't think there is a ton of dialogue or non-grinding gameplay in Chapter 6, so I will probably do that first, then immigrant town, which I will have to do in all its various ways.

Once I get started, I'll have a better idea of how long it'll take.  Thanks for your interest.  I may put out a new interim patch mid-way through this final stuff if I think it's important.


Thanks for all your hard work on this. I grabbed v0.92 to check it out and it's looking great so far.

I've only run across one text issue. In chapter one I used a Wing of Wyvern, and in the text box that popped up it output "<ERR PLACE.1>" instead of "Burland".

Anyway, thanks again for this. I've been following the project for a while, and it's been very cool seeing it progress.


Ok, Sorted it out. 

It looks like Return / WoW for Burland in Ch.1 was using a different section that wasn't formatted exactly right.

This sort of thing is exactly what the beta's there to help me find, so thanks!


I've started working on the Chapter 6 content.  Chapter 6 is very loosely connected without relying on a FAQ, but I'm doing what I can to get the Endor -> Rosaville -> World Tree -> Gottside -> Saro -> Dire Palace progression into proper expository dialogue.  It'll take some finesse to make it sound natural.  I'm also doing the usual sweep for changed dialogue in every town in Ch.6.  There's certainly some, based on who's in the party.

For the Immigrant Town Emissary stuff where you trade between DS's, I do have some of the extra equipment for this - I imagine it needs DSi's or higher though since it's early pre-streetpass stuff.  I have just 2 DS Lites and a 3DS, so it looks like I might just eyeball that text in the editor and call it good.  It's probably not much more text than "You sent this person and got that person."  We'll see - it might work on a standard IR connect, which the Lites can do.

No timeframe yet, but I'm eager to put the project to bed, and doing a little work on it every day.



Some early screens from Chapter 6. I'm mostly satisfied with Rosaville and Elfville/World Tree now, and moving on to Gottside.  Rosa gets a lot more agency in the story by the end of chapter 6, so I've tried to start that early in some of the town dialogue.

I don't have much more story to tell in Gottside, so I think it's mostly going to be the basic dialogue about the hole mysteriously appearing, and a bit of an entropy theme.  That should help explain the extreme weirdness of the dungeon, and link it to the roots of the World Tree idea.  Hopefully I can come up with a little humor too! Chapter 6 has so little meat on its bones initially, but it's coming along.