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Can I add tiles to a sprite?

Started by Zynk, July 29, 2012, 04:33:50 AM

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Heys! I'm the guy who hacks Rockman to ROLL♥CHAN  ;D

I'm wondering if I can add tiles to a sprite?
See the pic. Its from yy-chr in x8(32x32)

Illustrating this sprite's size:


X tiles are where the whole sprite occupies;
A, B, C tile is where its not;
(O tiles not included)
btw, A and B are her face sprite and C is the tip-toe sprite in yy-chr.

What I want is to make Roll's ponytail move up since her animation is running in the pic, but the sprite only occupies the X's and not including C (where the ponytail would be placed).

Can I just use a hex editor or do I need to know ASM?


Games store their sprite data differently. Not the GFX, but the actual tile numbers, attributes, and arrangements that are used to construct the sprite. You need to know where the data is and what the format is. Once you know that it should be simple to modify.

You shouldn't need to write any ASM, but a debugger would probably help a lot in figuring out the data (unless somebody has already documented it).


Games like to use code to position parts of characters, it can be difficult sometimes.


I just scoured the RHDN archive an came up with this:

It has the main idea I have in mind... the problem is what do I do or learn first to expand a sprite  :banghead: