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Tetris Attack Graphics hacking...Help!

Started by GaryTheTetrisAttack, July 15, 2012, 05:17:31 PM

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Hi! I'm fairly new to being a Rom hacker, and I've been trying to recreate a game called Tetris Attack (AKA Panel De Pon in Japan) on the SNES. I'm trying first off by changing the graphics around, using Tile layer Pro and some other graphics tools, but no matter what Graphic editing software I use, it never seems to even display the graphics right no matter what palette I use, and even if I set the program specifically for SNES graphics, it's still troublesome. Could someone please help me with a solution to this?? Thank you! :)


They're compressed, i.e.  you'll need to figure out which compression method the game uses to store its graphics and then write a program that'll get the graphics out in editable form.



In the event of a firestorm, the salad bar will remain open.


If all else fails use fire ask someone else if they could do it for you.


Quote from: Midna on July 15, 2012, 09:40:38 PM
If all else fails use fire ask someone else if they could do it for you.

That's frowned upon here. You can ask someone to guide you towards an understanding and making of your own tools... but you can't flat out ask someone to do it for you, especially if you're not going to put any effort into it at all.


All I rerally need help with is being able to edit the graphics, and if that requires a self-built program, then I'm outta luck, unless someone can walk me through it. I can probably edit the text, music, etc. myself using other programs, hopefully.


Editing music isn't easy, even for experienced hackers, and to my (limited) understanding usually requires a lot of screwing around with the hex code until you find the music data and then more screwing around to find out how the music is read by the game.

If you need help learning how to program, you could always ask someone to give you a few pointers - just don't tell them to do all the work themselves, like Danke says.

What are you planning to hack the game into, by the way?


Oh, well I'm only 16...hah I should probably get learning! xD

And I'm trying to make it into a Pop'n Music themed game.  If you don't know what that is, read it here:'n_Music
What I'm planning is to keep the Tetris Attack gameplay the same, except change the characters, change the graphics, and edit some of the music. I'll call it "Pop'n Blocks". Yoshi will be replaced by this A.I. Human computer character named ALT, and main enemy, Bowser, will be replaced by a dark puppetier lord, Zizz. The rest of the characters will be swapped as well.

And that's that. I feel like my dream will only stay a dream though, seeing as that I obviously don't have the experience for this.
But I won't give up! At least, not now...  :P

July 21, 2012, 12:21:05 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

I've got some Rival battler screenshots, plus the main character, ALT. Where can I upload them to display them here?


Try Imageshack, Photobucket (you'll need an account for those two), imgur, tinypic... there are lots of image-uploading websites. Just pick your favorite!