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Author Topic: New and Need Help: What Table Tools (and how) to Use On Windows 7 64-bit?  (Read 2484 times)


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The subject pretty much says it all; I'm new and need help getting started on hacking ROMs. I want to learn to translate GBA games by modifying the in-game text.

My main issue is using tools to look at and modify text on my 64-bit version of Windows 7. I have looked over the "Getting Started" sections and downloaded many programs suggested, but none of them work. Some like "TaBuLar" and "Thingy" give errors or fail compatibility on start-up, while others like "Atlas" or "Cartographer" open a window that immediately closes. Not a single readme file among the latter explain how to open them, so perhaps I'm doing something wrong that I don't know about. Google and romhacking searches provides no real information (I knew googling "Thingy" was gonna be hopeless but...).

I need to know what table tools I need to use that'll actually work on my computer, or what I need to do to make the ones I do have work. (I've tried getting the file needed for "TaBuLar" but doesn't change anything)

Additionally, I have downloaded Tile Layer Pro which does work, but I was wondering if there were better graphic tools to use.

Any amount of help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!!!


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while others like "Atlas" or "Cartographer" open a window that immediately closes.

They work. You just don't know how to use them.

They're command line-based tools. You run them from the Command Prompt.

For table tools, get Monkey-Moore. It has built-in relative search and table export functionality.

As a further note, if you don't know how to program, it pays dividends to learn. Making your own tools when nothing else works is an absolutely vital skill.
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A super cool tip I recently learned:  if you hold shift and right click an empty area of a folder, "open command prompt here" should appear in the context menu. Saves a lot of hassle from running cmd.exe and then trying to navigate to your folder via cd, dir, and tab completion.

I find Crystal Tile 2 very convenient for looking at tiles, but everyone has personal preferences.

For long Japanese tables with thousands of entries, I actually use... Microsoft Excel. In col A I have a long list of integers. In col B I use =DEC2HEX to convert to hex. Col C is the character itself, and col D is a concatenation in the format of "hex = character"  I copy col D to a text file and save that as my table. One reason for using excel is that, for instance, if I accidentally skip a character, that means ALL the following offsets need to be shifted, which is trivial in Excel (just drag cells around).

I second Monkey Moore as being a useful tool. It's great for finding the hiragana in a game. Pretty sure it outputs tables in UTF-8, though a lot of other tools expect S-JIS, so be aware of that.