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FF3 NES - Character rewrite

Started by joe73ffdq, August 09, 2016, 01:20:05 AM

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Here is something I have been casually working on for a few months. Starting and final stats, command changes, and magic learned changes.

For any serious FF3 players, I would like opinions for the projected changes I have in mind. Every class can now use spells, but I want to know if anyone thinks it is overkill. This will be used in conjunction with Maesons Mix when final ideas are confirmed. For anyone who knows the math and formulas for this game, I would like suggestions to possible modify some of the ideas I have. I am also inclined to think that enemy hp will need to be increased by 20-50% across the board.

I definitely want some opinions, so I can adjust anything if needed.


Oh, are you using my hack as a base of some sort?

If that's so, go ahead. I would even say that if when the time comes for you to upload your hack, you don't want to do an addendum for my version, just create a patch with all you need. That way it would be easier for you, and for others to play it too, as I know that some people kind of ignore hacks because they need another hack for it, lol.

In any case, I did a quick look over the txt file, I personally welcome the idea of adding magic to the classes. Some class skills are not enough to make a class shine, so adding a few spells to make it a more useful character is always good for me, as long as these changes don't make the specialized magic classes less important.

Of course, it sounds overkill to see Wh+Bl 1-8 in so many characters, but looking at the list makes more sense. I think it's fine, it could work, and MP is limited enough.

About stats, I think they're okay too. I kinda wonder if the group Red Mage/Bard/Scholar/Geomancer is a little behind in stats compared to the others.

About enemies, yeah, that's what I ended up doing compared to original HP (At first with an optional patch, then I just decided, "fuck it, enemies are too easy without it").

I'm off for some time. If for some weird, strange, and important reason, you need to talk to me, just send me a PM and probably I'll read it whenever I come back.