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Characters Changing During Game in Table

Started by Hubz, July 07, 2012, 07:01:43 PM

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I'm sure someone has run into this like me in another game. I'm messing with Itadaki Street for the Famicom. Anyhow from what I can tell there are three different fonts that get loaded depending where you're at. The Intro, Levels 1,2, and 4. Then Levels 3 and Tutorial. They only vary slightly in a few characters but that makes dumping a script difficult. Especially as the dialogue is not in order and sometimes mixed in. So if I only use one table to dump with it will be incorrect on those characters that have changed. There's only about 8 that i can tell but that's enough to make it a headache.

All I can come up with is to make the dump say something like "Could be This Character or This Character" but that would look like crap and could be annoying to a translator. Either that or dump the script with each seperate table and say something like "If it looks weird to you check the other script." Neither sound very good but I'm stumped. Anyone have suggestions?


- Hubz
- Hubz


Nothing short of programicaly figuring out which table each text string belongs to while dumping.


I was afraid of that, looking for a nice lazy way ;) Ah well thanks!
- Hubz