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A code I found in Simon's Quest

Started by TheWhipperSnapper, June 24, 2012, 01:24:53 PM

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There is a code that hacker Gedowski discovered that allows you to acquire items every time you open the menu screen. This is the code XLUGAO. It also shuts off the music unless you delete the code then you can here certain sound effects and if you leave a town without the code in it reverts back to having music. Maybe there are more practical applications for this code.


Here are some oddities in the game that I think you may find useful. Best to just open up your hex editor and plop these in as Game Genie codes are not always accurate.

C766: 03 walk super fast right  (adjust the value in hex editor)
C780: FD walk super fast left    (for equal speed left and right use these values)

C770: 01 moon walk
"     "

1E0F6 :xx change value to cause actors to sink.