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Shadow Tower Abyss

Started by vincent_vincent, February 22, 2012, 05:32:53 PM

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Its done already , surprised there is no topic for this , not everyday someone translate a PS2 game , its like it came out of nowhere , this is not hyped at all ( which is a shame )


AMAZING!! one of my favorite ps1 games now on ps2!!!!


From the same guys who made Demon's/Dark Souls.  It's a fantastic game.


Is there any info about this game/patch on the site?


Doesn't seem so, but you can create a new entry for the game in the database. Unfortunately, the linked archive contains a fully patched game image, and the links I found for the actual patch are all dead, so we can't mirror it here.
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Hey all, sorry for the delay.  I submitted the translation patch here tonight; should be up soon.  Enjoy!