[GC] Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Translation Fix

Started by Harrison, June 07, 2012, 05:34:50 PM

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If any of you have ever played a Natsume game, one thing that you'll probably remember is just how many spelling and grammatical errors are present in the English translations. HM:AWL is no exception to this, where in some cases the meanings of the lines are completely reversed! The goal of this project is to release a patch for these errors, as well as serve to give me experience to move on to other games.


  • 06/10/2012: Added link to GitHub repo for .mes Editor. Updated .mes Editor
  • 06/07/2012: Initial posting to ROMhacking.net


  • Table File completed
  • .mes file format understood
  • Utility for reading .mes files written

To do

  • Figure out the special markers that occur in some texts
  • Rewrite how .mes Editor reads data
  • Work out interface for .mes Editor that allows input of special markers
  • Document the structure of .mes files
  • Expand .mes Editor to allow writing
  • Begin to find and fix errors

Undoubtedly I'll have to write a utility or two to make this easier, so here they are.

.mes Editor

.mes Editor is a program to be used for editing the .mes files from the game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the Nintendo Gamecube. .mes files are the files that store the text that characters within the game may say.

The purpose behind this is to eventually release a patch for AWL that fixes the many translation errors that are a staple to any Natsume game.

If you're using Windows, simply run mesEditor.exe and choose 'Open' from the File menu. Select the .mes file you wish to open. From there, you can use the dropdown to browse through the messages in the file. As of version 0.1, editing is not supported.

For any other platform, the source code is included. You'll need to install Lazarus and compile the program for it to run on your system.

Just post in this thread.

Version History:
v0.1: Initial release. Supports reading but not writing. Read support is 100% for normal characters. Some non-character data (such as item or location name references) are incorrect.

Other info:
In /other/ is hmawl_text.tbl, which shows what each character corresponds to.

.mes Editor v0.1

I've started using GitHub for this program. There you can find the latest version of the program that isn't yet qualified for a full release. I don't usually commit if there are bugs, so it should be usable.
.mes Editor on GitHub.