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Author Topic: Utilities: pSX 1.6 Released!  (Read 4678 times)


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Utilities: pSX 1.6 Released!
« on: July 12, 2006, 09:49:36 pm »
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Update By: Neil

One of (the only?) playstation emulators still being actively worked on has been updated (or was about a week ago) to 1.6! This update features some impressive progress on acuracy, etc. etc. etc., but what really matters to our audience here is that it features debug tools! Memory editing, breakpoints, logging of system calls, and the like. Very exciting stuff! You can grab the debug exe from us or from the authors page where you will also find the full release and an archive of past releases.

What's New:
    *  Fixed missing characters in WildArms battles (GTE flags inaccuracy)
    * Fixed GTE bugs that caused missing graphics in Tombraider Chronicles
    * Fixed recompiler bug that cause Tombraider Chronicles to crash
    * Add missing CDROM functionality that caused DW7 to hang during FMVs
    * Emulator can now be full screened on any monitor (autodetect or force)
    * Fixed bug that caused XA audio to cut out (often during fastforward)
    * Added support for CloneCD and ISO CD images
    * Made BIN images work even if CUE file is missing (not recommended)
    * Added support for new CD image types to CDZ
    * Corrected aspect ratio in PAL modes
    * Fixed bug where quick saves didn't work with certain games
    * Fixed bug where F10 entered the menu instead of loading quick save
    * More accurate SPU ADSR envelopes (including exponential modes)
    * Initialise ADSR registers after SPU reset (fixes sound in Tombraider)

Relevant Link: (
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Re: Utilities: pSX 1.6 Released!
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2006, 11:12:57 am »
pSX 1.7 was released this morning!

v1.7 Subcode reading (libcrypt games should now work)
  • Better support for self-modifying code (fixes Spyro3)
  • More anti-mod protected games now work (tested on WildArms2)
  • Added support for MDEC STP bit (fixes DragonWarrior7 spell effects)
  • Fixed quickload menu bug
  • Fixed crash loading v1.5 state saves
  • Fixed bug where .bin file was named .cue when converting CDZ file
  • Fixed bug where CDZs created without .cue file did not work
  • ESC can now be configured (either quit, or exit fullscreen)
  • CD drivers now retry when an error occurs (up to 16 times)
  • Fixed bug where switching back to windowed sometimes didn't work
  • File requester is now displayed when BIOS is not found


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Re: Utilities: pSX 1.6 Released!
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2006, 10:57:55 am »
Man...1.7 is great. I'm ven playing an unpatched Wild Arms 2 ^^