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Embedded Pointers With Atlas Question

Started by Hubz, July 12, 2012, 03:43:57 PM

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Dumb question probably but I don't grasp it from stuff I've read.

I'm trying to use Atlas to maybe handle some embedded pointers for me -

I have this -

//POINTER #345 @ $2C4A2 - STRING #345 @ $2FAF9

//(わたし)は (りゅうじんまる) (ワタル)とともに<NL>
//(ドアクダー)と たたかっている もうすぐ (ドアクダー)の<NL>
//もとにたどりつく というときに とつぜん<PAU><CL>このかいそうに とばされて しまったのだ<NL>
//(わたし)と (ワタル)が ひきはなされた スキをついて<NL>
//(ワタル)は (ドアクダー)に とらえられて しまったのだ<PAU><CL>そこで キミにてつだって ほしいのだ (ワタル)を<NL>
//そしてこの そうかいざんの ききを すくうために<PAU><CL>いっしょに たたかって くれないだろうか?<NL>
//   ひきうける  ことわる[B6-4]<$02><$09><$94><$BB><CL>(ありがとう) もしたたかいに なったら<NL>
//このつるぎで (わたし)を よんでほしい<NL>

The [B6-4] is my embedded pointer. Basically have it marked that way as the next 4 characters are hex that relates to the B6. The last two hex values of the 4 from a B6 are always a pointer. So The BB94 is my embedded pointer. If the player answers no in this case it will use the BB94 pointer and send the dialog back up to 2FBA4  which is part of this pointer dump "<CL>いっしょに たたかって くれないだろうか?<NL>". It does not tie to a pointer table.

I can insert my script with Atlas but it will change the addresses of the strings in these pointers so they'll go to the totally wrong place, and as there's quite a few of these and I was wondering if it's possible to use Atlas to handle these with EMBSET and EMBWRITE and just calculate them automatically for me? Or am I looking at that wrong?


- Hubz
- Hubz

Gideon Zhi

Embset and Embwrite were made to handle this exact situation. You'll replace the <$94><$BB> with an EMBSET command with a unique identifying number, then place the EMBWRITE above the dialog at 2FBA4 in your dump.


Awesome! Thank you so much. I was hoping it was that simple.
- Hubz