3 Destiny of an Emperor Mods - Rise of Lu Bu, Rise of Ieyasu, Flames of Wu

Started by sonic.penguin, May 26, 2012, 08:36:40 PM

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Rise of Ieyasu 2.0 has finally been rebalanaced and updated!

Download Link: Offsite (Updated Link)
Destiny of an Emperor; Rise of Ieyasu 2.0 Download

Rise of Ieyasu Youtube Video

New Features Include:
Battle Gameplay Rebalancing
New Portraits
New Tactic Costs
Altered Tactics Learned per Level
Altered TP Gains
New PoH Officers to be recruited
Officer Stat Balancing


Rise of Lu Bu has entered version 3.0! You can download this Destiny of an Emperor Mod on the front page of this thread.

Download the trailer here:


New screenshots from the newly released version of Rise of Lu Bu


2 ROM Hacks have been updated with new features! (RH.net mod, why did you have to combine all 3 mods onto 1 page...) :banghead:

Rise of Ieyasu 2.0
*New menu system to allow multiple items to be equipped at once.
*New dual-colored menus.
*Portrait updates

Flames of Wu
*New dual colored menu/status screens
*New "Spoils of War" addition which allows for a *RARE* case where extra gold, food, or items will drop
*New portraits
*Items now sell for 50% of their original value instead of 75%
*Portrait modifications to a few characters whose portraits didn't fit the style of the others.


they are awesome Hacks, havent got Flames of Wu yet, is that done or yet to be tackled? if yet to be tackled that's cool, i can wait :)

good to see somebody giving the only Dynasty Warriors RPG series some love :P


Flames of Wu is complete and is only being upgraded in the case of bugs of which a few have been found. More info can be found on that here:

Currently I am working on a new mod called Hero of Chaos, a Cao Cao Mod. It has some fantastic new updates that surpass even Rise of Lu Bu, Rise of Ieyasu, and the Flames of Wu Mod. I will likely be making a separate page for that mod as the moderators merged 3 mods into this 1 thread which made it hard for people to follow updates on individual mods:

Red Soul

The scope and care you've put into your hacks is quite amazing, congratulations. While I'm not overly familiar with DOAE vanilla, your Ieyasu mod convinced me to give it a try, given how you worked well towards changing the setting (I'm a sucker for feudal japan). Keep up the good work.

Awesome trailer by the way.