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Started by RHDNBot, May 27, 2012, 10:29:14 PM

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I'm quite excited to see Suikoden Card Stories finally getting worked on, but there is part of it that worries me:

Quote from: the readmeThis is a "tool-assisted" translation into English; I have limited
knowledge of Japanese, and I made liberal use of Google Translate.
Ordinarily that would result in quite a mess, but the game's script
isn't highly stylized and the plot closely follows Suikoden II, so
I was able to follow the action.  Still, this is far from a perfect
translation; a lot of recent fan efforts have set the bar very

The translation isn't literal, but it shouldn't stray far from the
original, at least not intentionally.  I censored one line where
soldiers seem to threaten to sexually assault Nanami, and I added a
reference to Schtolteheim Reinbach III, because, come on, and come
on, respectively.

If the creator of the patch is reading this, if you need someone to look at the script for you, I volunteer. I'm thoroughly familiar with the Suikoden series, and I'm going on four years of translation. Even if it's just the line about Nanami (you never know what Google Translate will do with a line).

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I was looking at all the hacks done to Ashguine and mighty impressive I'd say. Should probably give the game a spin. Looks kinda like Brandish.