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Author Topic: How do I rip a Sega CD game by tracks / Extract data track from .bin?  (Read 6212 times)


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I'm trying to apply the English patch found here for Sega Games Can Vol. 1 but the readme says

First you will need to obtain image files of the Game Can discs. Hopefully
they will be split into tracks rather than a single file. If not, you will
need to extract the data track, which must be Mode 1 / 2048 bytes per block.

Now I own this game so I'm ripping it myself but my problem is that programs either want to rip the game into a .bin file with a .cue file or want to just rip the audio tracks and don't see the data track.

When I open the .cue file with Notepad I can see the data track in the text. But when I open the .bin (and game disc) with DaemonTools, the files in no way look how they're listed in the .cue. It's mostly a ton of .bins, a text document saying copyright Sega, and a couple of unspecified "Files" that don't match the filesize of what I'm supposed to be patching.

So I either need a ripping program that will rip Track 01 (the game data track) from the disc or a program that will let me extract that track from the .bin.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Alright, I figured it out. I'll leave notes here in case anybody else runs into this problem in the future.

1. I used a program called PerfectRip to rip the game. This ripped all the tracks individually yet still included a .cue

2. I still couldn't patch the game file (Track 01) because it was ripped as Mode 1/2352 when it needed to be Mode1/2048. I don't even know what any of that means but I know I needed to fix it.

3. I used a program called CDMage to change the file from 2352 to 2048. I opened the Track 01 file in CDMage, clicked Extract... and changed the mode to 2048 and then saved.

4. I was then able to patch and play the game in English... but the disc itself is missing a lot of sound because I only patched the data track.

So my goal now is to figure out how to combine this data track with the music tracks so I can burn this to a disc and play it on my Sega CD. It's NOT as easy as simply renaming the new Mode 1/2048 data track the same thing as the old one and changing the .cue to read 2048 instead of 2352, because I tried that and it didn't work.

I'll report back with my progress.
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It seems to me that everything you need to do ought to be possible with ISO Buster.  Open the bin/cue (or the disc itself) and extract the data track as User Data (.iso, I think) – the Help file appears to indicate that is Mode1/2048, as opposed to Raw Mode1/2352 – and extract all the audio tracks as .wav.  Apparently it will create a .cue file for you too.

In order to recreate the original bin/cue from that, I think you'll need imgburn or a similar image creation utility.  I hope that makes sense.
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Thanks, I got it all figured out.

I'm not ever sure I remember what I did at the end there but I now have the game patched and with all the music working.

Now I just have to try to replicate my success once I get Sega Games Can Vol. 2 in the mail  :P