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Chrono Trigger internals - Z-Plane

Started by thegreatcapybara, May 13, 2012, 02:16:51 PM

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I'm studying how does Chrono Trigger uses Z-Planes to create many perceived "levels" on a single map.
I understand trivial cases like how do the two planes interact, transitional neutral, solid and walkable tiles but as far as I can see there are additional properties on each map tile. I'm wondering if someone knows what does the Solidity Mod integer and ZPlane Solidity flag do?

Thank you in advance!

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It just uses the 2 x 16 colors and 1x 4 colors layers that are available in the video mode.
A few smaller sequences like the jet bike race  and a ending use mode 7 pseudo 3D


Hmm... So those two properties are used only with Mode-7 3D mode?
I thought they were used in conjunction with the Z Plane property - for example in Zeal Castle map Plane 1 tiles have Solidity Mod = 1, Plane 2 Solidity Mod = 2 and Transitional Walkable tiles have Solidity Mod = 3. But that may be a coincidence or it may not be used here at all.

Thanks for the information!