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Author Topic: I search for a nsf player with editable pitch table + nsf recording  (Read 1790 times)


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I have read on internet that nsf files contains a pitch table. The nsf players out there can't playback nsf music in another scale. And if i change the pitch table in a nsf. I call it converting nsf to nsf by only replacing the pitch table. I choose what channels to replace pitch table with.
Example: i would not change the pitch table on NOISE and DPCM channel. Because those channels are the drums.
And drums should not have a new pitch table.

Let's say i take a (2A03/2A07) nsf file. I play song 001. Then i open up the pitch table window and change the sound register tuning system.
The features:
1. Change the frequency of each note.
2. Repeat 12 note frequencies across all octaves at once or repeat only 2 octaves or more or no octave repeating.
3. A keytracking knob that crossfades the frequency from all notes available to the center octave pitch. The space/interval between notes is editable.
4. Rotating the picth table. Horizontal and vertical pitch table flipping.
5. Random note frequency deviation.

This is not possible with famitracker.

A nsf player can emulate any nes game regardless how different the nsf driver is. The nsf player pitch/frequency stream can be edited in real time by a pitch table module. Then record and save the new song that uses another scale. When recording a nsf. The frequencies of all notes is modified by the pitch table module. The new nsf song does not use the original nsf driver. It uses a new nsf driver. It's like importing nsf files in famitracker then connect only (Square 1) (Square 2) (Triangle) to pitch table. Then editing the pitch table. Then you have a new song. Then export it to nsf.

Is a robust pitch table editor for famitracker going to happen? Let's say my song uses (2A03/2A07) + VRC6. Many instruments.
I will not apply the pitch table to drum channels. And what happens if one of the square channels makes a kick and melody instruments in the same channel? Let's say the DPCM channel can be used both for drums and bass. The triangle channel can too make drums and bass. I will only apply the pitch table to melodic channels.


Here is the pitch table location in nsf files created by famitracker:

It starts with:
Code: [Select]
5B0D9C0C hex.

And it ends with:
Code: [Select]
0E000D00 hex.

The default famitracker nsf pitch table chunk in hex format:
Code: [Select]
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