Knights of the Zodiac: Legend of the Gold

Started by Kraken, April 12, 2012, 04:56:30 PM

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The patch in this link is incomplete:
It's missing the file to convert the japanese rom to french as stated in the readme.
You can check the patch with the missing file at Emuparadise, so it would be great if you could upload the patch with the missing file. I could send it to you if necessary.


You're a bit confused. The site is based off of community submissions. Go ahead and submit the proper patch, and we'll include it. some help if you need an idea for a good file host that will work with our systems.
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I made that patch.
At first I included it because I thought, as the French ROM was somewhat recently dumped at the time, it might be harder to find so it might be a convenience to include it. (and this was before GoodTools ROM sets were commonplace, making it easy to find any dumped ROM for any popular 8/16-bit or older console on the planet)

Then I realized since I was converting the patch to an official translation, it was probably no more legal than including the ROM itself, so I removed it myself.
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