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2016 hacking plans

Started by joe73ffdq, January 14, 2016, 02:55:55 AM

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After over a year of circumstances, that did not permit me to have the time or patience to work on anything, I am now back into the feel of (where I am at). Im pretty sure a few of you can relate to feeling bogged down, if you havent visited a certain folder for a while, and going through miles of notes just feels to frustrating.

I am much better at the layout of my texts now, and now have the time and quiet space to stay focused.

Here is my list for 2016.

1 - DW2. This is going fairly quick, and I should have completed documents by March.

2 - FF1 - There is a massive amount of notes for this game. I just looked, and there is 6.15MB in FF1 text notes. This project has many directions, and it has become hard to keep track. Im hoping to have the Sprite section for my GFF project, done right after my notes on DW2. Increasing the damage output (physical and magical) to 5-6000 for both GFF and vanilla, is the other plan. Creating a substat routine is another possibility, if I can learn how to piece together that large of a code block.

3 - DW3 + DW4. I want to find whatever bits, bytes, or nybbles, that determine how much character stats go up, for every level and every character.

4 - FF3 NES. Change around stats for all levels, for every character. Mainly improving stats by 10-30%, depending on my feel for each class. The main thing though, is the flow of MP up per level. Not so much as to increase the gains by a lot, but to tighten the comparisons between levels, especially Lv1 and Lv2 MP amounts.

5 - Zelda 1 - I havent even tried yet, because I know this could turn into a massive undertaking. Doing a 20-30% change around, to give a 3rd and 4th quest, is where my mind is at if I even ever get to this game.

6 - Ghosts n Goblins. About 2 years ago, I spent a few months editing the first level, and improving the graphics. The first few screen lengths ended up with some really good graphics, and I managed to make the game easier, by designing a better approach to enemy spawn spots. All this data was lost when that laptop just outright died. I would like to revisit this again, as my tile editing skills are more fluid now.

7 - FF6 Advance. This was the game that compelled me to first try at hacking 3 years ago this spring. I remember When I decided to look at FF1, while I was waiting for a critical update to FF6AE, and little did I know how addicted I was going to get with FF1. I doubt I will ever find the time, to even think about FF6A now, given the massive size and scope. My actual plan if I get to it, is to change around character stats, esper spells and learn rates, which items improve stats and by how much, and maybe a scan of equipment and enemy attributes.

This is all a massive amount of desire, and never enough time to accomplish much of it. DW2 is small enough, that I actually dont feel bogged down. I ended up finding much more data then I had initially hoped for. Battle formations, treasure data, and changing item functions, are huge finds. Now I just need to find that damn RNG, and expand item holding past 8, and we can make DW2 appeal to more people. I finally decided to unglue myself from FF1, and look into a game that needs some tweaking, really bad.

True story here. I had an idea for the location of the final boss, to be up on top of a massive mountain range, several months before DW2's 9/90 release. Me and a friend at the time were doing some artwork, for what we envisioned for Zelda 3, and this was in 1989. We had a 28 floor tower, and LTTP did use floors. The final boss was located deep up top of the highest mountains. IIRC, I did envision a nearly enclosed area, with several caves along the way. When I first saw the map to DW2 in the sept/oct 1990 nintendo power, I was shocked at how similar my idea was. There was only 1 cave, and a larger open area, but it was still up in the mountains, which made the purchase really exciting. I also had the idea for level 50, as level 99 or 100 wasnt even a thought at the time.

1990 is where my heart is at, in terms of what my favorite types of games, and styles of games are. 87-95 is ultimately my favorite gaming era.


zombero knows the stat gain tables for DW3, since he changed some of them in his hardtype hack.


Focus on one thing at a time. My vote would be for FF1. -- blog/tutorial on programming for the NES


I use to do extensive lists like that but life usually gets more in the way than we can predict  ;)

Here's my list that is related to your point 7:

1) The FF6 Steam version using a JAP GBA ROM as database for a lot of stuff, make the most complete FF6 GBA ROM map and test which data is used (tests so far are promising and rom map is advanced).

2) Get back to my FF6A WPF editor that I stopped coding because of inability to find monster template related data. Make the thing work with the US, EU and JAP releases (and therefore Steam FF6 rom.bin file). Make an event edition module and map edition module (I think I got everything for that though the Steam release might handle maps not in totality like the GBA release though it use some of the map related data).

3) Not hacking related: Finish coding the submission system at and make a mobile friendly theme.

I think I'm good for 2016.


Post #75 and #76

It was the discovery of FF6EA, that lead to my interest in finally trying to learn hacking. I didnt mention it back then, but the available gameshark codes before your editor, did not include substats. Evade and Mevade were critical to my interest in playing through it a 3rd time. With your editor in late 12 early 13, I ended up fiddling around with modding. I moved to FF3USME for a while, and what a task that was for a complete newbie. In the process of waiting for enemy drops to be added, I ended up moving to FF1, and thats where my hacking really took off.

I remember annoying the hell out of people here on rhdn in June/July of 2013, and then by the end of that summer, I had enough of it down to be on my way. Reggies tweet concerning DQ7, and then finally having a feel for hacking, made for a really enjoyable (back to my old roots) experience, from late 2013 forward. Circumstances killed any ability to continue my work on hacking from 9/14-11/15, and now I have really made new progress. I took the time to categorize 6502 code,

and now I am really understanding the code a lot better.

You were the inspiration to learn hacking in early 2013, and now I wish I had a time portal to 1997 or 1998, so I could be a part of all the FF1 goodness, and the FF2 and DQ5 translations. Had I known at the time, that there was a retro movement on the internet, it might have removed me from the party scene. I was way behind the times, with my first pc (laptop), precisely on 9/12/09. It took almost 4 years before I had the courage to move away from AR or GS codes, and deal with the wall to wall numbers in a hex editor. Even the game specific editors were daunting at first.


In summer of 1995, I was trying every possible code combination for FF1 with GG. I dont have any of those notes anymore, but I remember when I saw the code hut, and specifically Thedstroms 2001 GG codes, I was 6 years ahead of him on about half of it. When I finally saw in FFHackster, the weapon and armor order, I finally understood why I had such a hard time finding att/def values. I had found codes to modify all the equipment, in Coneria, Provoka, and Elfland, by the end of 1995. Some of the magic values were found too. Cure, fire, lit, and fog, I think.

Better late then never to the game (pun intended)


Quote from: joe73ffdq on January 17, 2016, 02:23:30 PM
You were the inspiration to learn hacking in early 2013, and now I wish I had a time portal to 1997 or 1998, so I could be a part of all the FF1 goodness, and the FF2 and DQ5 translations. Had I known at the time, that there was a retro movement on the internet, it might have removed me from the party scene.

I think FF6 has played a significant role in this too, though I understand you having inspiration sources (tools or hackers) that led you to try things by yourself. Something similar happened with me, I remember discovering ROM hacking in 2010 by some FF3us hack promotion thread on a general FF forum. I learned to do events in FF6, then stated simple ASM stuff, mostly gluing bits of existing code together.

The thoroughness of the work of Novalia Spirit, assassin, Imzogelmo and others inspired me in a way. I also realized what is possible to do today is because of people like them. Like you I would have liked to be part of the scene back in early 2000's, but today is still a nice period for this hobby :)


Ideally, I'd like to find time to do these things:

- Work on my Zelda 1 editor. Work on my ASM algorithm for Zelda 1 free tile layout method, and start on my hack idea, Dark Fortress.
- Work on my Zelda II editor, and make proofs of concept for the new ideas that will be part of a future hack.
- Work on my Castlevania editor.
- Make some Excitebike tracks, since I have the editor ready. Maybe adapt my editor to the other Excitebike versions (Japanese and VS.).
- Maybe make a Bubble Booble hack, since I have the editor ready.
- Make editors for Mario 1, 2 and 3.
- Continue working on the secret Contra project lab.

- Continue hacking on Jackal, Metroid, Micro Machines and Marble Madness.
- Maybe try some SNES hacking.
- As usual, help other fellows in the community and provide comments and criticism.

Also, there should be a beta release of Metroid - Rogue Dawn, by Grimlock, Snarfblam and Optomon. I can't wait to see this hack in action...


Quote from: Reiska on January 15, 2016, 02:52:35 AM
zombero knows the stat gain tables for DW3, since he changed some of them in his hardtype hack.

I don't know if Zombero did the bugfix hack for NES DW3, but I know there's a cap on how much of each stat a class can have at any given level maximum, and that maximum increases incrementally each level they gain.  The bugfix patch basically got rid of the "overflow" portion of this so your characters would gain stats like they were supposed to the whole game, which translated to relatively strong stat gains every other level, whereas it was a real crapshoot in the original for almost every level up.

I know gamefaqs has a huge faq on the actual values and calculations, but there might be documents around here for it too.


When I do look into DW3, I would do 2 things initially. Do a compare with Zombero's to vanilla, and 1who has documentation on the DW3 board. Level up formulas are around 2e00 in bank 1 IIRC.