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Where is the Zelda Disassembly

Started by dougeff, January 12, 2016, 11:27:09 PM

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Hey, about a year ago, I saw a Legend of Zelda disassembly...somewhere. But, I can't find it.

Does anyone have a Link (pun intended) to it? -- blog/tutorial on programming for the NES

Quick Curly

Hi dougeff. Happy New Year! It's been a while since we've been able to catch up. :beer:

I remember randomly finding such a page years ago. Could this be it?

It used to be hosted at the following link: (Now not found/moved.)

Out of curiosity, were you looking at hacking Zelda next, and/or were you just after the disassembly to study it? How are your other projects coming along? :)


That appears to be the right one. Thanks.

I'm just going to study the code, to work on other projects.

I have a blog now, if you want to see what I'm currently working on, click on the 'Contact' page. -- blog/tutorial on programming for the NES


This should help you with your work. I put this together to make code understanding simpler to follow.


Hmm, I thought maybe joe73, this would be Zelda specific.

Not to brag, but I could probably recite the entire 6502 asm instruction set by memory. I actually learned it around 1991, and attempted to write programs on our Apple II computer. Though, without the internet, I wasn't able to produce anything cool.

Thanks anyway. -- blog/tutorial on programming for the NES


It's dangerous to go alone. Take my own disassembly of Legend of Zelda, if you want. It's not exactly in the language that a re-assembler could use, but the syntax is recognizable. And there are many comments that could help you on your way. Take anyone you want.

Zelda 1 - Bank 0
Zelda 1 - Bank 1
Zelda 1 - Bank 2
Zelda 1 - Bank 3
Zelda 1 - Bank 4
Zelda 1 - Bank 5
Zelda 1 - Bank 6
Zelda 1 - Bank 7

Zelda 1 - RAM Map


Some of the comments could be improved a bit...for example, in Bank 1 it say "3f1c...Some PPU Command"

When it should say "3f1c...the 4th Sprite Palette address in the PPU." And, the data that follows that are clearly colors.
(I see it says "seems like colors". Yes, I agree)

Thanks for the link, by the way. Definitely will be helpful. -- blog/tutorial on programming for the NES