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Blogs or sites tracking romhacks?

Started by Celice, April 07, 2012, 07:55:53 PM

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Are there any places which actively follows and collects all these romhacking projects people put on? I know romhacking dot net and places are kinda like this, but what I really mean is a place that sort of collects and displays all the cool stuff about the hobby. I've been adding videos to youtube playlists for some time now, and I'm almost to two-hundred in the romhacking part

I know of one other youtuber who has something similar in their playlists... but I haven't actually seen something like an active tumblr or something pointing out a lot of these cool things :p The most I've seen are things like general project screenshot threads... but that's really inclusive to the place the thread is located.

I also got a playlist on things beta/unused  :thumbsup: