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Author Topic: Hacking Secret of Mana, with Hex Worshop... Help!!  (Read 2480 times)

Dream Weaver

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Hacking Secret of Mana, with Hex Worshop... Help!!
« on: April 30, 2012, 01:48:55 pm »
Hi everyone! :-D

Sorry for posting this here, but I've looked through all the tutorials and basic ROMhacking
Docs on here (and elsewhere), and can't find what I need...

The thing is, I'd like to start my own hacked version of Secret of Mana, for the ZSNES emulator,
but although fluent in cheat finding (RAM codes), and manipulating ROM codes (in an Action Replay-like
sense), I'm not sure how the ROM is structured...

My main problem is that I'm not sure how to search for (hex value) data strings. To give you
an example, let's say I want to hack what items are available for sale in the item shop in
the dwarf village. It would seem intuitive to me to restrict my search to items of the same/similar
type, so, in this particular shop, in the following order, you can buy:

item hex value     item name

18               = Midge Robe
19               = Chain Vest
1A               = Spiky Suit
3E               = Wristband
2C               = Elbow Pad
2D               = Power Wrist

My problem is, using Hex Workshop 6.01, I've no idea of how to search for such a hex string.
I've played around with all sorts of options and parameters in Hex Workshop, but alas, no joy.

And to make matters worse, I've used some seriously crafty RAM analysis in the ZSNES cheat
mode to get hard-to-obtain PV hex-strings for other much more obscure game properties, so if
I could just get a little help with how to search for the above simple(?) string, I think
I could create cheats for much subtler/more advanced effects.

Can anyone help me, please???

Whatever info you can add here, no matter how small, or seemingly insignificant, will help me
build up a picture of what to do and how to search...

Many thanks!! :-D


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Re: Hacking Secret of Mana, with Hex Worshop... Help!!
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2012, 01:55:57 pm »
Edit menu -> Find

Change the type dropdown to hex values, then start typing away in the "value" field.