Final Fantasy VIII special "audio-only" movie

Started by Bregalad, March 08, 2012, 01:17:04 PM

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That's something I've been wondering for awhile.
It has been stated in this document that there is a special FF8 movie that has only audio and not video on disc 1. It's easy to rip movies, including this one, using PSMPlay, the audio is just "Fithos Lusec Wecos Winosec" lyrics with some special flanger and sound effects.

The question is : Where does this "special movie" play in the game ? I really tried hard to find it but I didn't find anywhere it plays. Does anyone have any idea ?

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I'm probably wrong, but isn't there often unused music, sprites, etc present in the iso or rom?


I never actually got that far in (or if I did, I totally don't remember now) and I certainly don't recall ever hearing them in the game, but I know what you're talking about; they're in the PC version's resources, too.

They probably aren't used as videos of any sort, if they are used.
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The problem is that, if this "movie" is used, the CD would spin at either 5 sectors or 10 sectors per "frame" (15 frames per second) but the frame takes only 2 audio sectors and they are not interleaved with any other data, so the disk would have to seek back 3 sectors 15 times per second which I think is not possible. So I wondered if this "movie" was used or not.


Instead of being played as a movie, couldn't it just be loaded into RAM as a sound effect or something? Doesn't that play during Disc 1 when Seifer is being tempted?
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I'm remembering a scene of a beach/water and the tide moving back and forth, while these words you quoted are "chanted" in a falsetto voice.   Last time I played FF8, I lived with my parents , so I could be mistaken.  Based on that, seems that they overlapped the audio "cutscene" over a visual.  For what reason, I cannot imagine.
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Yes, that would be the introduction. One of the most pretentious introduction sequences I have ever seen, FF12's aside.



I don't mean the normal intro nor any of the many normal songs where there is the FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC lyrics are present.
In those songs the lyrics are used as normal (VAG) samples.

I really want to find if the special audio-only movie is used. This movie has the lyrics spoken (not sung) and used with a weird flanger effect, with long pauses between words, with funny panning effect and with some kind of wind sound effect on top of that.

It is something like :
Fiiiiiitos ...shshshhhsss  luuuuusec fshshshshshshs
and so on.
It sounds really scary by the way.

If this movie is unused (I think it's probably the case) I wonder if there is a way to hack the game so it plays this instead of another movie ?

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In fact I think the doccument is wrong, this "movie" is present in all 4 discs (not only on the 1st) and is present twice on the 4th disc - and that's probably the only place where it's actually used. I haven't played the end of the game yet but I reconized it was in the OST somewhere that sounds obviously like between 2 forms of the last bosses so that's very very likely the only place where this "movie" is used.


These sound clips aren't used in the PSF rip of "The Extreme" (but are included as tracks of their own), nor is there anything suggesting they could be assigned to a MIDI channel or something in the DirectMusic version, best I remember. But then you get to it in the OST....

Yes, they do sound pretty creepy on their own.
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I think I remember hearing these in one of the game's debug menus... and if so, then I don't ever remember them being used anywhere else in the actual game. I mean, I can always be wrong, but if I'm remembering what I think you're talking about, it is much more like speech, and there's a few different voices saying the same things in different pitches."

I assume it was for an early cutscene.


OK, so this sample is effectively used in a scene between two forms of the last boss.
They should have included it on the first 3 discs just by error.

So it is possible for the playstation to read only 2 CD sectors in a 1/15th of second of the time when it should normally read 10 (2x) or 5 (1x) sectors. I'm not sure how they achieved this, maybe they just pause the CD when the desired sectors are read and start when the next part need to read again and do this 15 times a second.


Not really sure why this was added to all 4 game disk. but one thing that comes to mind is, most disk based games fit on one disk, the only reason why there are multiple disk is the movie data.

Another thought to come in mind is that this was left in from the debugging process and should have been removed from the first 3 disk. It could also been left in to make the game crash if the developers make it a required file to load in battle, even if it's not used.

Who knows?
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Yeah, most disc-based games fits one disc as you say. This was especially notable in FF7 where you could swap discs anytime and the game would continue to run with no problem, but it would play the wrong movies when it had to play movies. Quite funny !

FF8 is slightly different though as this trick doesn't work, and the game purposely prevent you to going to other areas in the last disc. Probably the ending movies were so long that they had to remove the other areas from the game as well to make room for it.
Pre-rendered areas takes up a lot of space too so it make sense they'd remove them if they are not necessary in a particular disc.

However, they COULD have allowed you to return to the towns by swapping back Disc 3, so I think the solution they came up is quite lazy (and dumb).

Same applies for FF9.