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Interest perking again.

Started by Plint Michigan, March 26, 2012, 12:46:31 PM

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Plint Michigan

About a month ago I was interested in hacking the Megaman X series by replacing Megaman with a different character. But eventually, I stopped being interested. Now my interest is starting to perk up. This happened when recently I started playing a Megaman Zero game, and I remembered why I became interested.

I'm going to tell you the cold, honest truth: the whole "Humans VS Animals" motif they went with in Megaman X and Megaman Zero is a huge turn-off for me. I know it's fictional and it's not supposed to be taken seriously, but it still kind of dampers the enjoyment for me. They're not bad games, I just kind of wish the games would have put less emphasis on "Animals are evil" motif by putting at least SOME non evil animal robots like a Rush or something. Instead, not only are all the robot masters animals, but the badguys also use vehicles and pets shaped like animals. The goodguys ONLY have humans, which nothing wrong with that if the game didn't give me the vibe that humans are the ultimate good and that all non-humans are vicious evil creatures designed to kill. ...They kind of did have a few animal buddies in Megaman Zero if you count the cyber elves, but the same "Humans VS Animals" motif stayed.

...I know I'm kind of a sissy, but that's why I want to edit those games is due to my disdain. This started out more as a personal project that turned into something I considered distributing if I managed to add something that would make the game fresh for other people. But I still have no idea how to edit levels or music or text, and I'm still unsure about recompressing graphics. All I have is a tile editor and some passable spriting skills. Here's some of my sprite-work.

I have more to show, but right now my computer is messed up, constantly saving and uploading things in Jpeg, which ruins the file. Basically this is an image based off of the character who was supposed to play Zero in the sprite hack I'm making: A cephalopod like creature named Carbuncle. This is a mugshot in Megaman Zero style. Originally edited from a Megaman Zero 4 Mugshot.

And one of the cool things about Megaman Zero 4 is that the bosses are already Mythical Creatures, so all I would have to edit is the main character. ...But I haven't gotten to that game yet.