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Intergrate Nintendo Power Pad with PC

Started by ded302, March 24, 2012, 09:57:23 AM

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I have looked over the web to find out if there is a usb device or a kit to have a windows xp computer interface with a nintendo powerpad. I've found no clear power pad technicial documents on a search yet. Is there another device that I could do this with.
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Doesn't the Power Pad use the standard NES gamepad plug?  There are definitely NES-gamepad-to-USB adapters out there.

Otherwise, I know there's at least one PC DDR dance pad that plugs into a parallel port.  Maybe something like that would do?
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Yes, from what I saw from the pic, it's a standart plug so all you need is here.[url=http://[url=]This]
is a diary of somebody that builded one by himself.
Alternative is probably the nes 2 parallel but I think it's outdated, anyway here you have the SNES version.


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I gave it another try on the search and found the website The Nintendo Power Pad has a normal male connector that will plug in to the usb cable connected to the computer. I'll buy that and a cheap used power pad for a test.

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It's too hard for me to find a parallel port. So I will go with the usb connector.

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If you are more electrically inclined and/or do not mind butchering a pad you can usually do stuff like


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Cool link. Could be something to do in my spare time.
Completed projects are Bloody Warriors and Shinsenden.