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Making an IPS patch on an expanded rom.

Started by Drunken Draconian, July 02, 2016, 02:53:24 AM

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Drunken Draconian

Hey guys, found a Super Castlevania 4 editor on here. I'm almost done my first project. The editor expands the rom from 1 meg to 4. When making the patch should I make the patch from an expanded clean rom or just make the patch from the regular and have it be most of the game. I want to avoid anything illegal. Thanks in advance


But that is easy, just use an xdelta patch instead of IPS, which can overcome your problem directly. Plus if you do decide for IPS there should be no problems, since the editor did not fill those 3 additional MB completely. In fact most of them are probably 00 bytes. Making an IPS based on the expanded original rom is not recomended, since there is no reason for it. This might be necessary if your rom would be 6 or more MB.


Your best bet is to use a patch format like BPS or XDelta. These both support delta encoding which means your patch won't include large blocks of the original ROM just because you moved some banks.


Personally, for Sonic the Hedgehog hacks I used XDeltaUI. It's a great program that accounts for shifted data and don't copy it over. It's really simple to use too.


IPS can't do expanded ROMs.  The formats I know that can are UPS, BPS, and XDelta.  PPF I think can too, but that's for Playstation.


IPS can do expanded ROMs, it will just copy everything in the expanded area.
But as others have said, it's not a good choice compared to the other formats.
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