Nintendo World Championships 1990 - Start button hack

Started by hossbags2, March 08, 2012, 06:11:00 AM

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Is it possible to hack this game so you can start the game normal on controller one, not on controller 2


Sure,all you do is change the addresses 000a96 and 000a9c from F7 to F6.


I tried that and game still only starts using controller 2

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I tried it again and it works.....thanks for your help!


One last question....any way of modifying the time to be the official 6:21....I think the rom is set for 5:25.....I would like it to to be 6:21....the official time. Do you know what hex numbers I need to change...thanks again


The timer is controlled by hardware on the cart (and that is what the DIP switches on the front of the official carts are for).
So the emulator has to support the DIP switches. I believe NESten does (adds a "Mpr" option to the menu when the NWC mapper (105) is selected). Nestopia allows you to change them as well (though the closest is 6:15). (asks when you load the ROM, as well as a DIP switch option in the menu).
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