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Author Topic: PS2 and PSP sound samples ripping  (Read 3742 times)


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PS2 and PSP sound samples ripping
« on: March 05, 2012, 08:54:21 am »
Hi everyone,

It'S my first post but I lurk fairly often and I've started ROM hacking six month ago, and until now I've been mostly working on a FFVI hack...

I've been trying for the past few weeks to build sound sample banks from various RPGs. While ripping sounds from SNES, NDS and some PS1 games is easy, I've been searching for utilities for ripping sounds from PS2 and PSP games. Are those platforms are like the PS1 where there is a multitude of ways to try to extract the sounds depending of the game? I can use PSound for PS2 games or even PSP games, but I can end up with 7000 sound samples for a single game where some repeat themselves or are simply garbage or I can end up with only a few sound sample using that technique.

Most of the times PS2 and PSP are in one big file, as an example I have a bunch f .cso files which are PSP games but I can't find an extractor or an unpacker for this kind of file. I've done some researches on the net but didn't found much good documentation...

So does anyone has some extractor to suggest, a website that would have documentation about PSP/PS2 sound ripping or did someone succeded in ripping sounds from game for the mentionned systems?

This might not be the best place to ask, as there might be more specialized sites, but if there are any, I haven't found them...

Second question which has nothing to do with the first one: Is there a free GBA debugger out there with some feature close to Geiger'S snes9x debugger? I found two tracers on this site but I was looking for something more complete...I've heard of No$gba debugger which cost 15$...I'm willing to pay but does it worth it?. I want mainly to work on FFVI advance and work with what has bee documented so far to maybe try to complete the ROM map, try to build up small dissasemblies or document the event commands (I know that a debugger is of no use for event code...)

Thank you


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Re: PS2 and PSP sound samples ripping
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2012, 12:39:36 pm »
I have a bunch f .cso files which are PSP games but I can't find an extractor or an unpacker for this kind of file
If you did your own image of your "own" psp games you'll know that CSO is merely but a "Compressed ISO", and thus you can open it with something like UMDGen.

And VBA does work as a GBA debugger quite well.