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Problems with RPG Maker 2000/2003 fan game

Started by enigmaopoeia, February 28, 2012, 09:39:19 PM

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I have a question that my friend and I would appreciate any help with.

We have completely finished translating and editing a Japanese RPG Maker 2000/2003 fan game, however we are experiencing problems when it comes to the playtesting process. My friend and I are able to play this game just fine without any problems. We initially had an error from a playtester where he received the message that he needed to install the run-time package. After some workarounds, we are able to make the game completely playable, without needing to download a run-time package. It was a matter of simply converting the game disk using RPG Maker 2003 instead of RPG Maker 2000.

Now we are currently stuck on this problem that we are unable to find a solution to: My friend and I both have computers that are set to display Japanese and non-Unicode text, therefore the game looks fine. However for people who are unable to view these fonts, the font either appears squished together even after the proper fonts are installed or the fonts don't show up at all. Or the game won't load at all for them, like when I play the fan game on my laptop, however it loads fine on my desktop PC.

I thought at first because we were using a Japanese executable file to run the game, but when I replaced it with an English executable file, we still receive problems with squishy text or the game will hang on them. Also installing the RTP doesn't help with the playtesters who had problems playing the game.

We are hoping that there is someone with RPG Maker translation experience who can help us out to make this game playable on all PCs. Thanks!!

Kiyoshi Aman

Have you tried manually placing RM2000.fon into the Windows font directory?

(The random crashes are likely because RPG Maker 2003 itself isn't terribly well coded, also.)


Thanks for responding, Kiyoshi. I was afraid that it might be a problem with the RPG Maker program itself. But I'll try to see if placing the RM2000.fon will work for the playtesters.

Currently my friend and I are working on a Japanese RPG Maker XP fan game, and I hope it is at least more stable.


You can try the hyper patcher 2 of cherry that let you change the font (some of windows fonts)
also exist a way via hexadecimal editing in the RPG_RT.exe
about the RTP I usually add to RPG_RT.ini FullPackageflag=1 and use Molebox for encrypt and dont requires RTP installed

pd: im a hardcore rpg maker user than a lot of time  8)


Thanks for the response, gadesx!

That sounds like it might just work and I'll look into that when I have some freetime because my friend and I's current project, translating a Japanese RPG Maker XP game, is taking up a lot of free time. We hope to get it finished by the end of March.

Garoth Moulinoski

Quote from: Kiyoshi Aman on February 29, 2012, 11:12:50 AM
Have you tried manually placing RM2000.fon into the Windows font directory?

(The random crashes are likely because RPG Maker 2003 itself isn't terribly well coded, also.)

When I used to use RPG Maker, I always had to do this. So I imagine that could be a problem.

(I stopped using RPG Maker because it was stigmatized with being a baby-programming tool... Although you can literally do fighting games and racing games on RM2k3. I know from experience :P). Honestly, however, I haven't seen anything out there that helps you quickly put out RPGs than RPG Maker. It kinda blows for any other kind of genre or any RPG that would require or use a battle system than which ever version you're using.

Ah well. Haven't touched RPG Maker in forever... Man, that takes me back to my middle school years. Phew...
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