MegaMan Battle Network Spanish Translation - Need help

Started by Ninten.EXE, February 28, 2012, 02:16:06 PM

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Hello everyone, I'm new on this site, as you can see.
I would like to say I'm impressed by all the amazing hacks I've seen here. And all the tools. Gosh, it's incredible.
Anyways, recently, I've been playing the Megaman Battle Network games, and I wondered why no one translated them to my language, Spanish. So I decided I could do it myself, or ask someone for help.
I've seen a completed German translation of the first Battle Network game. I've also read a document about binary and hex. I can take care of the complete translation of the script, but I'm not sure of how hard the hacking would be. I will learn how to do it if I have to, but it would be nice if someone could help, or at least tell me how to get started.
I hope I'm not sounding like a terrible n00b, it's just that I have no Rom hacking experience at all and I would love to bring this game to people who can't understand English.
Thanks in advance.


Hi, I love MMBN, and I've done a decent amount of hacking on the games, so I'd be willing to give some pointers. If you'd like to get in contact, PM me and we can exchange instant messenger info or something. My first ROM hacking project was MMBN4.5 (see the translations section of this site for my incomplete project), and I'd say it's a decent series for a beginning to work on.

Which particular game are you interested in, MMBN1?

Also, check out this forum:

They're more focused on hacking new battles into the game rather than translation, but there's a few people there who know what they're doing. (Specifically, you might want to contact Prof. 9 - he's done some work figuring out the script engine.) Also, I think a few of them are Spanish speakers, so they may be willing to help with playtesting and that sort of thing.
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Woah, thanks Spikeman!
I've heard of your translation of Rockman.EXE 4.5, too bad you never got to finish it.
I love MegaMan Battle Network, too, that's why I want to translate the games to spanish. I'd like to start with MMBN1, yeah, sorry for not writing that in the original post.
I'll make an account there, thanks for everything!