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Far East of Eden Zero Translation

Started by LostTemplar, February 14, 2012, 06:11:30 PM

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Hi Tom, all the menus and items are already translated? Or "only" the dialog texts?
What is still missing at this time?

Thank you


Almost everything should already be translated (probably except a few strings here and there). What still has to be done is mainly the hacking part.


The menus and items are already translated, of course. Not all of them have been hacked to display properly yet, though.

The graphics aren't translated.
The credits aren't translated.
The manual isn't translated.
And any of the lines in the start-up screen with all of the tests haven't been translated.

It's not all that much.

I'm doing my second English playthrough now. I'm still fine-tuning the formatting.


Thanks bud for the work you're putting in this project.

I'm pained to read in this thread that the DS version of Manjimaru is censored and won't get a translation since that's the only version I have access to in its original, "cartridge" form. Basically this means i'll have to play the translated PC Engine version first (illegally, yes), then play my legal copy in Japanese afterwards :/.

Anyway, back to topic, I'll be glad I bought Zero a while back when this translation is finally done, since I never played much of it due to the Japanese barrier;
Thanks Tom :).


Well, if you're concerned with having a legal version to play, could buy the PCE CD to play in an emulator. When I got mine maybe a year or so ago, it was only going for maybe $5. (though it looks the DS version is worth much more)
(though when Ziria comes, might have trouble as I hear there's two versions of the game, regular and Super CD, and I don't think it's been said which is being used)
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Been watching this thread eagerly since I saw this... I own the original SFC cart of this game, and I love it.

We should start having release parties for the guys who do all the work for these things. They put a lot of hard work-- blood, sweat, and tears into it. They really deserve some kind of commendation! 
:beer: x a gazillion.


I am kinda a newbie, but honestly I thought I should point something out. Maybe someone should fan-translate the Saturn game, Tengai Makyou IV The fourth Apocalypse.
I haven't found anything (i.e. saturn tools, format documentation) to start such a project, but since there are the guys fan-translating those Shining Force III JAP-only games, i think it should be feasible, and here's why:

- I think expanding the char limit isn't needed for the plot script at least. The game easily prints 18 char per line, X 3 lines = 54 char. (for comparaison, Okamiden DS has an overall 30char limit). Also, the char set has full english set chars (it pops up quite often in-game, being set in US) which doesn't look bad at all even with fixed width font
- For the menu, that's another story: there is a 2-kanji char limit for Options, and none of the magic/item names exceed 8chars, but that could be worked around by using 2-letter combinations in a single char.
- The battle engine has the enemies sometimes (only if they are a major boss, though) voice their attack without text shown. This might involve ASM hacking, but is a cosmetic change. The FMVs are probably in FILM form (a Cinepack variant, but again, I haven't figured out anything in the disk tree) and hard-subbing them might be a better alternative.
- The game is set in the US, so the graphic editing should be minimal (we may have to put up with some engrish)
- The Party mamber's names are stored as graphics, and thus need special graphical edits, same for the title menu, ..
- I may be going too far with this, but maybe we should increase the characters walking speed. It's irrritating.

Again, I realize how hacking is especially a tedious process, more so with the extra-complicated Saturn, but I thought I might share with you some observations about this favourite game of mine, even though I'm by no means appointed to, given my skills at this are largely primitive at best, and non-existent with the Saturn's (and PSP) hacking. So sorry for any annoyance this post might have caused.

Looking forward for the completion of Zero/Manjimaru project, and wish you the best of luck!


Someone is/was translating the Saturn game some time ago, but they left this site over some scene drama. I forgot both who they were and what happened.
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I heard in irc #snesfreaks that the hacking will be frozen until the SPC7110 is more properly emulated. Is that true or is the hack still in progress?


byuu has improved the SPC7110's emulation by a large margin in the last few months. It's still not perfect but he mentioned that he'd take it as it is now and work on the game in the near future. Apparently he still has a few projects to complete that he started while Tom was translating because he hadn't expected that Tom would finish the translation so fast.

But to assure you, it's in no way dead or frozen.


Oh, good for bsnes and the translationproject itself! I already thought that you are stucked because of that issue.
Keep up the great work, I love this game!


So what's becoming of this project now that bsnes reached 100% compatibility months ago? I looked at LostTemplar's blog before posting here but it hasn't been updated in ages either.


This project has been handed over to byuu, mostly.
Further discussion should probably go here: