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[GBC] Shogi Oh

Started by gon, February 12, 2012, 03:49:38 AM

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i started to translate/tilehack the game "Shogi Oh", as i wanted an english shogi game to play. and most of all shogi games are japanese (as far is i know).

The last thing that bothers me is the message that is shown when one player wins the game:
The message reads about this:
(attacking player) (defending player) (possessive pronoun) victory

And my failed translation via tilehacking:

Of course, in the case that the human player may beat the artificial intelligence the first two characters would be swapped.

As i do not have any script hacking experiences, but as a programmer myself (only java; assembler only at university 10 years ago),
i want to know, how to backtrack from the characters shown in the message to the few bytes script which decide in which order the characters come.

for the tilehacking i used fatilety, is there maybe an equivalent programm which shows me the font+script?
i guess not, but if anyone might have any helpful hints...

here is also a link to the current status of the hack

ps: also it looks like i'm too stupid to correctly embed the image bucket pics, so i made them links