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Snes 9x Documentation

Started by #Dandy-Br, January 28, 2012, 09:24:54 PM

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I wonder if there is documentation (official or otherwise) emulator "Snes 9x."

I have a project in mind but, looking at the code I came across an enormous complexity and it was very difficult to understand.

My project will not include modifications to the total emulator, but something that I can capture some data and work in the language I know (Java).


Not really, no.  The only documentation that really exists is on how the real SNES handles stuff.  In my experience, the only code the team really knows all that well is what they wrote themselves (as in, each individual really only understands the piece of code they wrote personally).  Anything written by someone no longer on the team might as well be a black box.  I was actually the official windows port author for several months and no release ever saw the light of day under my watch largely because of this.  (Which is to say, the windows port was incredibly broken, and no one could tell me how the underlying stuff was suppose to be communicated with.)

Still, you might try the official forums.  One of them is purposed for development.  Someone there might be able to help you.  (Though there seemed to be a lot of tumbleweeds last I checked.)
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The first thing I thought of would be to try asking in the TASvideos IRC channel. There are people there who are familiar with SNES9X development.  irc://