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Graphic extractors for PC/PS2/PS3/XBOX360 for you.

Started by Auryn, February 04, 2012, 06:38:16 AM

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By surfing around I stepped into THIS SITE with a lot of graphics extractors (from what I saw, they are all with source code as well).
Most of them are for hentai games on pc or their ports but there are some interesting ones for PS2/PS3 and Xbox360 as well.

I hope they are useful for some new project.





Well, not in that site but PS1 has many generic tools already.
Check the utilities section for Tim Multi rip, Yu-ry or in google (I believe RHDN doesn't have it) for "Game Graphic Studio".
Some game in mind??


I could have really used this about a couple of months back when we were in dire need of something similar and running already.  We actually wrote a new API for xbox 360 so that we could have one of those augmented reality type games running.

We were quite successful with it though there was a great need for the Microsoft side to cap the whole project off.