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Pokemon Red 151 Help

Started by franklinaire, March 17, 2023, 01:15:53 PM

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This is a total long shot, but I finally sat down to complete the Pokemon Red Pokédex after more years than I'm going to admit. I downloaded LocksmithArmy's Pokemon Red 151 hack (linked here) and have been playing through it. The README states that they inserted all of the trade pokemon (Gengar, Golem, etc) in the basement of the Unknown Dungeon at level 20. It's been a few days now of me searching, but none of them have spawned.

Has anyone else played through this particular version by chance and could tell me if I'm searching in the wrong place or if the odds of them spawning really are just that low? The Unknown Dungeon = Cerulean Cave as far as I know, right? Hoping I'm just doing it wrong so I don't have to find another hack and beat the game again :)

Thanks for any help!


UPDATE: disregard. Found them in the top level of the cave, not the basement. Turns out the README was wrong.


May I suggest that you don't need to go through all of that?  At this point we have at least three that do it better.  Resources have just advanced a massive amount in 8 years.  Take a look at these:

Shin Pokemon Red/Blue
Pokemon Pure Red/Blue/Green (Also on RHDN but in separate entries for each version.)
And for the remake, FireRed and LeafGreen+