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Author Topic: Hidden Messages in Zillion  (Read 2244 times)


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Hidden Messages in Zillion
« on: January 13, 2012, 07:06:55 pm »
The following messages are hidden in the Master System game Zillion, could someone translate this as those aren't in the english version and google translate isn't making heads or tails out of it.

(C,6)(ジサツ) ハヤマルナ
(D,5)(バクハ) ピット ポット トイウ ゲームヲ シッテイマスカ。
(G,4)(ジサツ) イチバン ウエノ レツデ ミギカラ 3バンメノ ヘヤノ ミギガワノ カベヲ 8カイウテ
(H,5)(バクハ) イチバン シタノ レツ デ ヒダリカラ 2バンメノ ヘヤノミギガワノ カベ ハ コワレル。
(E,2)(バクハ) ウエカラ 2レツメ デ ヒダリカラ 1バンメノ ヘヤハ カクシベヤデス。
(I,6)(バクハ) ウエカラ 7レツメ ヒダリカラ 4バンメノ ヘヤデ ジサツ コマンドヲ ニュウリョクセヨ。
(I,8)(ジサツ) モウイチド カンガエナオセ。
(J,5)(バクハ) イチバン ウエノ レツ デ ヒダリカラ 1バンメノ ヘヤノ ヒダリガワノ カベヲ 8カイ ウテ。
(J,2)(ジサツ) アレックス キッド ノ ミラクルワールド ヲ ヨロシクネ。
(M,7)(ジサツ) ミンナガ カナシンデモ イイノカ
(N,7)(バクハ) ウエカラ 4レツメ ヒダリカラ2バンメノ ヘヤニ ジサツ ノ コマンド ヲ ニュリョク セヨ。




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Re: Hidden Messages in Zillion
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2012, 11:07:58 pm »
(C,6)(suicide) Don’t be too hasty!
(D,5)(blast) Do you know the game “Pit Pot?”
(G,4)(suicide) On the topmost row, hit the wall on the right side of the third room from the right eight times.
(H,5)(blast) On the lowest row, the wall on the right side of the second room from the left will collapse.
(E,2)(blast) On the second row from the top, the first room from the right is a hidden room.
(I,6)(blast) On the seventh row from the top, in the fourth room from the left, input the suicide command!
(I,8)(suicide) Think again!
(J,5)(blast) On the topmost row, hit the wall on the left side of the the first room from the left eight times.
(J,2)(suicide) Remember Alex Kidd in Miracle World, okay?
(M,7)(suicide) Won’t that make everyone sad?
(N,7)(blast) On the fourth row from the top, input the suicide command in the second room from the left!

Evade an attack while standing.
Push the jump button for just a short time; or, with the jump button held but before jumping, the head portion won’t take the hit, so you can immediately be able to block(?) the attack.
Judging from the hidden messages, they must be from the Pit Pit / Alex Kidd gang.
we are in a horrible and deadly danger